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Nanjing Underwater World

Nanjing Underwater WorldThe Dolphinarium of Nanjing Underwater World is the only ocean theater that dolphin performance is its theme. It can accommodate about 1,000 people. In 2004 Nanjing Aquarium and the Dolphinarium have been combined into one integrated venue. This made visitors very convenient to see sea lion and dolphin shows in a tour. The large Underwater Leisure Square consists of a beautifully decorated food mall, where you can taste lots of exotic cuisines. Ocean Souvenir Supermarket provides abundant gifts and toys of high quality that nothing will make you disappointed.
The modernized Science Education Hall displays things that are made by most advanced technology, as well as some precious specimens of sea animals. It contains five exhibition sections : 

Nanjing Underwater WorldSea Animal Specimen Zone uses modern means of sound, light and electronic facilities to lively exhibit the specimens of giant fish and large sea animals such as whale, shark, dolphin and so on. You may feel that you are swimming in the sea here !

Shell and Fossil Zone has beautiful sea shells and wonderful fossils, including the well-known dinosaur egg fossil, which comes from 130,000,000 years ago, and other interesting and eye-catching fossils are being displayed. 

Under the enthusiastic support by Polar Exploration Office of China Marine Bureau, Polar Region displays one of the most ignored zones in ocean world, the Polar Regions. Here you can experience the environment and scenery of these coldest parts of our world. Photographs of past expeditions by Chinese people to the Polar Regions are exhibited as well.
Nanjing Underwater World
Computer Interactive Zone is using multimedia to take you travel and learn about the mystery in the underwater world.

Giant Insect Park introduced some exhibits from a large park of the same name in the United States. By using advanced computer technology, to imitate the daily life of some terrible giant insects in the forest !
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