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Wuyuan-China’s Most Beautiful Town


Located in Jiangxi Province, Wuyuan belonged to Huizhou, Anhui Province originally and recently it has been separated from Huizhou and became part of Jiangxi province. It is a world-famous town characterized with profound Huizhou local culture and enchanting idyllic sceneryBordering Quzhou of Zhejiang province on the east and greeting Jingdezhen(the world-renowned ceramics homeland) of Jiangxi province on the west, embracing Huangshan Mountain on the north and meeting Sanqing Mountain on the south, it is a green pearl surrounded by numerous world famous places. Traditionally, Wuyuan boasts the traditional education center and tea center. Crowned to be China’s Most Beautiful Village, Wuyuan has been nationally famous as the eco-tour destination. And as one essential part of Huizhou culture, Wuyuan has been one hot destination for visitors or culture lovers to explore. Without any influence from Chinese modernization and urbanization, Wuyuan still keeps its mystery and elegance as a center of classical beauty and traditional lifestyle.


Wuyuan, a symbol of Chinese many unknown but great towns or villages in rural area. Long-term folk culture, custom and history have it become a charming gem of Chinese countryside tour. Tranquil world and simple life always satisfy the comers.



Wuyuan is a wonderful place that emphasizes the importance of education. The noted Confucian master Zhu Xi and Zhan Tianyou, Chinese first railway engineer, were both born here. Since Song Dynasty, there were 2665 people served as the high officials in government and more than 3100 books were written and edited by local well-educated scholars. Among them, 172 books were listed into Sikuquanshu, the largest series of book published by government of Qing dynasty in the world at that time. Wuyuan Museum has collected more than 10,000 cultural relics and is crowned to be the No.1 County-Level Museum in China. The folk arts are very colorful. The famous historical sites of different generations and Huizhou-style ancient architectures are widely distributed in the area. There are 16 province-level historic and cultural villages, one nation-class historic and cultural village, 13 cultural relics under the state-level protection and 2 ancient villages have been listed into the preparatory list of world cultural heritages. Wuyuan also has the world’s largest over-wintering habitat of wild mandarin duck—Yuanyang Lake and Dazhanshan waterfall as No.1 high waterfall in China.


 Where Ancient Time Lingers: Hui Style Architecture

Entering Wuyuan, You also can feel strong features of Huizhou culture. Wuyuan is the only way from Huizhou to Shangrao. Wuyuan is enveloped by many famous mountains such as Mt Lushan, Mt Huangshan, Mt Jiuhua, Mt Wuyishan , Mt Sanqingshan and Mountain Longhu,ect. It is also near to Thousand-Isle Lake and Poyang Lake. Hence Wuyuan establishes its fame based on  four business cards respectively: famous mountains, famous water, famous towns, and famous villages.



Wuyuan also boasts very convenient transportation. Via Jingdezhen-Wuyuan-Huangshan Highway, visitors can gain access to these three famous tourist destinations easily. In one-hour, people can easily arrive at three airports near it, that is Huangshan Airport, Jingdezhen Airport and Quzhou Airport. 

Featuring deep-rooted Huizhou culture, Wuyuan still shares strong bonds with Huizhou. The economic crop traditionally is tea. Green tea here boasts a high reputation. Wuyuan also produces the inkstone named Longweiyan, literally translated into Dragon-tail Inkstone in English. The local custom and festival as well as the local architectural style are all the same as those in Huizhou. Zhu Xi as the master of neo-Confucianism also contributed much to the development of Huizhou culture.



Wuyuan Attractions



The East Scenic Area is highlighted with the ancient villages and idyllic landscape of Ming and Qing Dynasties. The main attractions include: Jiangwan, Liken Scenic Area, Qingyuan Village, Gaoshanpinghu and Yi Village. 


cole flower

Cole flower in Wuyuan is another unique view. The rural idyllic scene is shown impressively. As an ancient town, its agriculture-based culture is its most vivid origin of charm. It deserves visiting.  This is also one reason why it is the best town in China.


Jiangwan is an ancient town with more than 1000 years history, and it is also the forefather’s birthplace of Jiang Zemin who was the former president of China. Jiangwan town was built in early period of Tang Dynasty. This town is located in waters and mountains. The fengshui or fehng-shway is very good and qualified to be the model of Fengshui Culture of Ancient Huizhou. For generations, it has the strong humanistic tradition, and many talented masters appeared like Jiang Yong and Jiang Qian. Currently the best preserved cultural relics include: Shanxingtang, Duncuntang, Peixintang, Teng-Family Old Residence, Xiaojiang Ancestral Memorial, Jiang Yong Memorial, Nanguan Pavilion and Beidouqixing Well and so on. Likeng Scenic Area is famous for its picturesque view themed with water and bridge, a traditional and classical aesthetic beauty liked best by Chinese learners. The villages are located in mountains. The ancient buildings are distributed in villages and many folk buildings were built on the streamside or riverside. The houses stand backing on mountains and are themed with the white walls and black tiles. In villages, the lanes and streets as well as streams and rivers are all connected naturally. The green stone paved streets give the visitors the feeling of simplicity and tranquility. Diversities of bridges crossing the rivers give us a picture themed with bridges, streams and houses. It is absolutely a Chinese traditional painting highlighted with rural beauty. It is the brilliant gem of the Wuyuan tour. Xiaoqi Scenic Area boasts the village in picture. It is a natural eco-garden. The simple and elegant residence of Ming and Qing Dynasties, the tranquil lanes, the stone-paved post road and the ancient trees let the visitors feel they are in dream. Wangkou Scenic Area is an old trade port with more than 1000 years. Yu-Family Memorial in this scenic area is a national-level attraction. It looks fabulous and considered to be the art treasure of Chinese ancient architecture. In this large scenic area, Jiangling Terrace is a best destination for taking a look at cole flowers, another unique beauty in Wuyuan.





Wuyuan in Twilight

One Wuyuan Village Nestles among mountains

Wuyuan's Autumn

Wuyuan's Spring


North Scenic Area is mainly highlighted with the natural landscape of water and mountain. Lingyan Scenic Area in 1993 was approved to be the national forest garden. In 1995, it was approved to be the provincial scenic area. It has the total area of 30 square kilometers. It is the scenic area themed with cultural relics and natural landscape. Rainbow-Bridge Scenic Area is located in Qinghua Town, and it is a famous scenic area themed with Corridor Bridge named Rainbow Bridge with more than 800 years history. Changxi village is an ancient village with more than 100 years history. Over there, visitor can see the classical view comprised of the red maple and the local residence. Sixi Village is the episode of Huizhou Businessmen Clture in Wuyuan. In village, the houses are mainly comprised of the ancient business residences. Three carvings: brick carving, stone carving and wood carving can bee seen as well. Yantian Garden of Ancient Camphor Tree themed with folk custom and culture shows the view of agriculture-based civilization and idyllic landscape. ikengjiancun village is another culture-based village. In the past long time, many famous learners and high officials were raised.

West Scenic Area is the episode of Wuyuan eco-environment. Yuanyang Lake Scenic Area is a provincial natural reserve. It is the largest habitat of Chinese Mandarin Duck in the world. Wengongshan Mountain scenic area is a famous cultural mountain for its nature and culture. Over there, the ancestry tomb of Zhu Xi is located. In this scenic area, a large number of rare and treasured animals are available. There are 24 fir trees planted by Zhu Xi himself when Zhu Xi firstly came back for tomb-sweeping. After 800 years, there are still 16 fir trees. The tallest trees have 38.7 meters.


Local Specialties
The local products can be generalized into four colors: Green, Red, Black and White.


 Wuyuan Green Tea

 Longweiyan or Dragon-Tail Inkstone
 Zhonghua Hebao Hongyu or China Pouch-like Red Fish

 Jiangwanxueli or Jiangwan Snow Pear


The green represents green tea. Wuyuan green tea is historically famous. According to the record in Chajin or About Tea, the only professional and culture-based book created by Lu Yu who was respectably called Saint of Tea, it was ranked top-level green tea in Tang Dynasty of China. Wuyuan tea was acclaimed to be the treasured in Song Dynasty, and in dynasties of Ming and Qing, Wuyuan green tea was ranked the list of royal tribute. In 1915, Wuyuan got the gold medal of Panama-Pacific Intenational Exposition. In 1935, in an authoritative book named All About Tea written by W•H•Ukers of USA, Wuyuan green tea was praised to be the best green tea in China. In 1999, Wuyuan green tea won the gold medal of Kunming International Horticultural Exhibition.

The red represents the red-color fish named Zhonghua Hebao Hongyu. Such kind of fish is both used for appreciation and eating. It is the only kind of fish in China. It has the vivid red color and the shape looks like a pouch. The meat of fish is tasteful and delicate and is considered the rare food. As early as 1985, it was ranked the state-level banquet and loved widely by many foreign leaders.

The black represents Longweiyan or dragon-tail inkstone. Longweiyan boasts the gem of Chinese inkstone, and one of Chinese top-four famous inkstones. Wuyuan anciently belonged to Huizhou, so traditionally such an inkstone is also called Sheyan or SheXian-County Inkstone. Since Tang Dynasty, Longweiyan was selected to be the royal tribute and loved deeply by many literary masters such as Ouyang Xiu, Su Dongpo and Huang Tingjian and so on. Many of the famous writers used to write many essays and poems themed with this inkstone. Hong Kong Commercial Daily highly acclaimed it has the tradition and style of Dunhunag Mural and Sculpture of Six Dynasties. For many times, Longweiyan was selected to be the diplomatic presents of China.

The white represents Jiangwanxueli or Jiangwan Snow Pear. It is named after its production area and the pear is as white as snow. It was said that a Wuyuan citizen introduced this kind of pear tree into Wuyuan and engrafted it with local wild pear tree.



Wuyuan, Hui Style Architecture

Wuyuan, Hui Style Architecture

Wuyuan, Hui Style Architecture

Wuyuan, Hui Style Architecture

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