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Longhushan World Geopark


Longhushan Mountain


Longhushan World Geopark is located in the south suburb of Yingtan city, roughly 20 kilometers away from the downtown of Yingtan, covering an area of 38000 hectares. It is the cradle-land of Chinese Taoism and a national scenic area featuring typical Danxia Landforms. Traditionally it is called the immortal center and the blessed-land on the earth. Longhushan Mountain has a long-standing Taoist culture, unique landscapes and a time-honored history. Numerous unearthed cultural relics in the ancient tombs have been revealed to the world as well as a group of mystery hanging cliff cave tombs of ancient Yue People. All of these elements are making up of three excellences shown in its natural and cultural scenery. In a Chinese classical novel, The Heroes of Marshes, Longhushan Mountain was depicted very beautifully. In the mid time of East Han Dynasty, Zhang Daoling, titled Zhang Tianshi, stayed here and made the immortal medicines. Zhang Daoling lately founded the Taoism here.

There are 99 peaks, 24 rocks, 108 natural and cultural landscapes and more than 20 wells, pools and waterfalls. With more than 2,600 years old, cliff tombs of Spring and Autumn Period as well as Warring Period. It is the most wonderful scene in Longhushan Mountain and the only landscape in China. Longhushan Mountain is in a good location. Yingtan is the transportation hub of southern China. Many national-class railways go through this city. Thanks to its convenience, travelers can easily arrive in Longhushan Mountain.


 The hanging tombs along the sheer cliff Danxia Landform


Tianshi Mansion is equally grand with Confucius Mansion

Taoism has a wide influence in China. There is a saying goes like this: in the north, Confucius masters the world , while in the south Zhang Tianshi masters the world. The well-preserved Tianshi Mansion in the park covers 30.000 square meters. Currently there are only 6,000 square meters. The traditional architectural styles, the delicate decorations with the red paint and so on bring the great honor to this mountain. Historically it was honored to be the Premier Mansion and Zhenren Mansion by Emperors. Actually during the peak time of its development, there were 10 Taoist palaces, 24 monasteries and 36 Taoist gardens. The whole architecture is grand and also one of the wonders in Chinese architectural history.

Shangqing Palace is one of the oldest Taoism palaces with the largest scales and the oldest history. It is also the place for worshipping Taishanglaojun over the past generations. Due to the reconstruction of different dynasties managed by the government, there are 24 palaces and 36 architectural complexes. Tianshi Mansion currently is one of the best-preserved ancient mansions in China.


Tianshi Mansion




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