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Hailaer National Forest Park

Encompassing 142km2, Hailaer National Park was one of the Top Eight Famous Sights of Hulunbeier since Qing Dynasty. It borders the undulating sand dunes to the east and rolling grasslands to the west. Being 2km from downtown Hailaer, the capital of Hulunbeier, it wins the nickname as “Hailaer’s backyard garden”. Inside of it, vast stretch of Mongolian scotch pines dominates. For nature fans, it is an ideal summer resort and for photographers, it offers abundant opportunities. During autumn, the multi-colored trees are very photogenic and in winter, this park carpeted with snow will breathe an air of serenity. For thrill-seekers, you can test your skill and gut by hopping on a ski board and shuttling among these giant trees.
hailaer national park


Among over 160 species of trees calling this park home, Mongolian Scotch pine is the most attention-grabbing one. Native to this frontier area, it is renowned for superb anti-cold and anti-arid properties. The tallest one towers 30m above the ground and has a diameter exceeding to 100cm. Two people are needed to embrace it. Among these giants, there are more than 1000 centenaries. Standing on Celebrity Peak, you will be rewarded with breathtaking panorama.
hailaer national park

Hailaer National Park consists of four quarters. South Garden is home to artifacts dating back to Stone Age. In the southern area of Celebrity Peak, there are three war relics of the 1930s. Recent years see the construction of theme restaurants, Hailaer Exhibition Hall, Botanic Garden and zoos. North Garden is the biggest. In the white beach area, you can see the harmonious blend of grassland, pine forest and white beach. Wild animals roam freely around within the zoo.
hailaer national park

West Park features wetland spanning over 2500 hectares. Among the 15 lakes, the biggest one occupies an area of 56 hectares. Blessed with exuberant vegetation, it is home to a wealth of waterfowl such as Grey wild geese, cranes, ducks  as well as other birds.
hailaer national park

Travel Guide

Get in: take Bus 8 from Hailaer
Admission Fee: 20RMB
Operating Time: 7:00-18:00
Advised Tour Time: 3 hours
Address: 2km west of downtown Hailaer, Hulunbeier, Inner Mongolia
hailaer national park

What to eat:
 hailaer national park fish banquet hailaer national park roasted lamp leg
Fish BanquetRoasted Lamp Leg
 hand pulled pork hand pulled pork
Shouba Rou (Hand Pulled Pork手扒肉) Shouba Rou (Hand Pulled Pork手扒肉)
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