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Songshan World Geopark

Songshan Mountain (Mt.Song, Mount Song)
Shaolin Temple(少林寺) and a large architectural complex are always reminded when Mt.Song or Songshan Mountain is mentioned. Songshan Mountain is a classical sacred mountain among the most famous mountains in China for its splendid culture and history as well as its enticing landscape. However, to some extent, it would be called the cultural or religious holy-land rather than a picturesque mountain. Actually Mt. Song leaves us so much that its existence is much more significant than its historical records or narrations in biography. Henan was a cradle of Chinese ancient civilization and had been a political, cultural and economic center for over 3000 years before the downfall of the Qing Dynasty, Songshan Mountain can be absolutely seen as the center of Henan ancient civilization, and the symbol of Chinese mountain culture for its breath-taking achievement in culture and many other social aspects.
Songshan World Geopark

Songshan Mountain is located in the northwest side of Dengfeng City of Henan province. The capital city Zhengzhou is in the east end of the range and the famous ancient capital city Luoyang is located in its west end. Mt. Song is the Middle Sacred Mountain of the Five Sacred Mountains. In 1982, in the name of Henan Songshan Mountain Scenic Area, it ranked the First in the list of a batch of National Scenic Area. In 2004, it was selected as World Geopark by UNESCO. In 2007, Mt.Song was approved to be Chinese AAAAA Travel Scenic Area. In 2009, it was approved to compete for World Cultural and Natural Heritage. Songshan Mountain is well-known as a "museum of Chinese historical development".

Songshan World Geopark is a galaxy of Chinese three idea systems: Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism. In the park, a large number of ancient relics and historic buildings are well preserved. Located in Shaoshi Peak of Songshan Mountain, as the cradle of Zen Philosophy of Chinese Buddhism, Shaolin Temple is world widely known for its development of Chinese Kung fu. The Pagoda Forest of Shaolin Temple is the world's largest pagoda forest of Buddhism. Pagoda of Songyue Temple established in North Wei Dynasty is China’s oldest pagoda. The world oldest cypress tree called Jiangjun Bai or General Cypress royally named by Emperor of Han Dynasty is still as green as the mountain. Chinese oldest Observatory of Stars named Gaocheng Observatory in Yuan Dynasty also can be seen. Zhongyue Temple located on Taishi Peak was built in Qin Dynasty and widely popularized in Tang and Song Dynasties; Zhongyue Temple has the largest temple building complex in Henan province. Songyang Academy in Songshan Mountain shares the same reputation and historic significance with three other academies: White-Deer Grotto Academy, Yuelu Academy and Suiyang Academy. Songshan Mountain is the sacred land of Taoism, Buddhism and Confucianism.
 General Cypress
Chinese Kung Fu
Pagoda Forest of Buddhism
 Shaolin Temple
 Songyang Academy Zhongyue Temple

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