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Zhaoxing Dong Village, the Cradle of Drums Towers and Kam Grand Choirs

Situated in southeast of Liping County, Zhaoxing Dong Village nestles in a valley like a boat moors in a green ocean. Elevated at 410meters, it is the biggest Dong village in China and the cradle of drum towers and Kam Grand Choirs. Due to its tranquil natural scenery and splendid Dong culture embodied by unique architectures, allusive music and numerous festivals, Zhaoxing Dong Village has become another rare piece of heaven for backpackers.
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Zhaoxing Dong Village: the Cradle of drum towers and Kam Grand Choirs

With charm equal to that of Lijiang, it was reputed as “one of the Top 6 Ancient Villages in China”, “the Biggest Living Museum of Dong Nationality”, “the Last Paradise for Exhausted Minds”, “the Cradle of Ancient Music” and “the Land of Festivals”.
Zhaoxing Village: the cradle of drum towers

As early as Southern Song dynasty which is over 840 years ago, Dong people have settled down here. By 2012, 1200 households with a population of 6000 Dong people call this village home.

Clusters of stilt houses dot its tree-clad slopes, with a clear stream meandering its way through this village. Zhaoxing Dong Village splits into 5 sections, with each section equipped with one drum tower. These five drum towers represent benevolence, justice, courtesy, wisdom and faith respectively and attribute to this village’s fame as “the Land of Drum Towers”. Just like Wind-Rain Bridge (Covered Bridge) and Kam Grand Choirs, drum tower is another cultural symbol of Dong people. Thanks to its remoteness, this magic land still preserves its unspoiled and rustic flavor.
Zhaoxing Village: the cradle of Kam Grand Choirs

Festivals relating to harvest, singing, remembrance and new year abound in Zhaoxing Dong Village. Among them, Dong(Kam) New Year, Bull intestines eating festival, Washing water buffaloes Festival, Gaoba Singing Festival, Girls’ Day, Fireworks Day, Dragon Boat Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival are most interesting.

Travel Tips of Zhaoxing Village

Location: Liping County, Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture. 68km southeast of Liping County, 52km east of Congjiang County and102 northwest of Sanjiang Dong Autonomous County, Guangxi. It is the short-cut to Guangdong and Guangxi province

Featuring unique layout, Zhaoxing Village is surrounded by the mist-shrouded rice terraces. During spring, the cole flowers will be in full blossom, staging a spectacle extremely pleasing to the eye. In a fairyland never lacks of natural beauty, you will come across a museum surprisingly. 6km from this village,the Dong Nationality Museum hides amid the rice terraces of Tang’an Dong Village. You can enjoy the spectacular rice terraces here, whose splendor rival that of Longsheng Terraces. Besides, the famous hiking route briefed as “Eight Villages and One Mountain” covers this area also. (These eight villages are: Zhaoxing, Tang’an, Xiage, Xiage Upper Village, Shangdiping, Dengjiang, Jitang and Jilun. One mountain: Sasui Mountain (the holy mountain of Dong Nationality which boast picturesque scenery.)
Tongren Dong Village, which is home to the Dong Nationality Museum

Transportation: Liping Airport, highroads

Accommodation: Though not luxurious, hotels in the town are clean, tidy and reasonably-priced, which can meet all your basic needs.

Food: Guizhou food featuring spicy and sour flavor

Shopping: Dong embroidery, handicrafts, ethnic costumes and silver accessories

Entertainment: hear the Kam Grand Choirs and participate in the wide spectrum of festivals here

Travel Route Suggested:
Depart from Guilin or Sanjiang County in Liuzhou to Zhaoxing by long distance busExplore Zhaoxing Village-Visit Tang’an Dong MuseumVisit Congjiang , Basha(岜沙), Xiaohuang Dong Village(小黄) and yintan(银潭) Dong villages —Visit Rongjiang, explore the Sanbao Dong Village(三宝侗寨) and listen to the Zaidang Kam Grand Choirsvisit Longli Ancient City(隆里古城), observing its military strongholds relics —Appreciate the perfect blending of western and Chinese culture in Sanmentang(三门塘)—Stroll along the over one thousand years’ old Zhenyuan(镇远) Ancient Town—Delve into the Xijiang Miao Village(西江)
Kam Grand Choirs
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