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Dance with Birds in Lashi Lake

Located 10km west of Lijiang, Lashi Lake at an elevation of 2437m, is a plateau lake. Heading to Lashi Lake, the backyard of Lijiang Ancient City, you will leave the weathered, prosperous and cozy Lijiang Ancient City behind and embrace the wild, primitive and pure side of Lijiang with total different charm. When the clamor of city recedes, you can receive the baptism offered by nature and purify your soul. This hidden kingdom has stirred frenzy interests among tourists for two reasons: Birds Watching and the Ancient Tea Horse Road.
Lashi Lake: Lijiang Anciet City's BackyardLashi Lake is an good birds watching site
Gesang Flowers(the flower of happiness) on lake bankLashi Lake during Autumn

The story of Lashi Lake begins in the Mesozoic Age about 134 to 70 million years ago. Lashi Lake was an indispensible part of the ancient geosynclinals in northwest Yunnan province initially, and then the overwhelming Yanshan Mountain Uplifting Movement changed it into a plain. Thanks to the Hengduan Mountain Uplifting Movement, this plain has been divided into three basins amid the undulating mountain ranges with relative altitude of 100 to 200 meters. Lashi Basin, the highest basin here, harbors the picturesque Lashi Lake spanning over 265.6km2. A dam has been constructed to sustain this lake’s water level, even during dry season. Jade Dragon Snow Mountain casts reflection on this lake, whose water is so crystal clear that you will be enchanted. Each winter, more than 100,000 birds of 229 species will fly here. Among them, there are many rare and endangered species include Chinese Merganser, black-necked crane and black stork, etc. In 1998, this lake was ratified as a plateau wetland nature reserve.
Lashi Lake boasts crystal water

Lashi Lake in December is a kingdom of untamed birds which will chase after the boats and twitter merrily. You can derive endless fun from watching them in so close distance and taking amazing photos. With more birds and more intoxicating scenery, early morning and twilight are two golden periods of one day which you cannot afford to miss. Far away from industrial pollution, Lashi Lake remains poetic beauty and is remarkable for its crystal water. Meiquan Spring which sits at the converge area of Wuhu Mountain and Beidou Mountain, is famous for its emerald green water and fantastic visibility: you can see through the water to its bottom six meters below. Surrounded by luxuriant forest, exuberant flowers and sparsely villages, Lashi Lake is a recluse haunt which can soothe your mind.
Dance with birds in Lashi Lake

When you are indulging in the enticing natural scenery and forgetting everything, the voice of ring bells and the clip-clops of horses will draw you back from reverie to reality, it is the voice from the Ancient Tea Horse Road. Ancient Tea Horse Road is the southwest China version Silk Road. Its legend starts from the tea and horse trade between Yunnan and Tibet since Tang dynasty (618-907). Gradually, it evolves into a trade and cultural exchange route extending all its way into Nepal, Bhutan, India and Red Sea. This route features many extremities: the highest altitude trade route in the world, a route with the most spectacular natural scenery and the most diversified and mysterious cultural content.
Ride horse along the Ancient Tea Horse RoadLake Lake is very beautiful during Autumn
You can boating along this lake during morning and twilight: the golden hours of one dayA undisturbed fairyland it is

To see the extremely beautiful place does not mean you have to endure extremely tortures. There are plenty of horses available nearby, you can pick on and embark on your journey. The zigzag path frequented by various ethnic groups in China thousands of years ago, still harbors numerous cultural relics, and the villages hidden among the gorges, will offer you boundless surprises.


Best Travel Season: October to February (Birds Watching) and May to June (appreciate the flowers)

How to go to Lashi Lake
: bus, taxi or you can hire a car which will cost around 20 RMB.

Weather: rainy season starts from May. You need to bring umbrella for weather here is changing constantly, besides, bring sun glasses and sunscreen.
Accommodation: you can stay overnight at the fish villages nearby or return to Shuhe Old Town.

Cuisine: fish. Fish is expensive here. To save money, you can buy the baked fish from an old man when you are boating this lake. Each fish will charge 15RMB. He can also sing the naxi songs to you.
Enjoy this serene moment here lake bank is carpeted with eye-dazzling blossoms
Bridge leads to Lashi LakeThe Guard of Lashi lake

Activities: Birds watching, boating, ride a horse to visit Ancient Tea Horse Road

Birds Watching
: After August 15(lunar calendar), birds will fly to Lashi Lake successively. This migration will reach peak from October to the following spring.

Boating: you can rent one boat with 50RMB. It will be cheaper if you row the boat by yourself. Time your time after 5pm, for the sun is scorching here.

Horse Riding: The rent price of horses is subject to distances. Cost ranges from 100 to 500RMB. Try to negotiate the price with the local people as much as possible.

Visit Local Villages: Along the lake scatter many beautiful villages which are imbued with rich ethnic flavor.

Sightseeing: When spring comes, the bank of Lashi Lake is carpeted with golden cole flowers. In winter, the red chili will brighten up the fields.

Nearby Scenic Spots: Lijiang Ancient Town, Shuhe Ancient Town, Lugu Lake, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain
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