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The Old Town of Lijiang

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The ancient city of Lijiang(丽江古城) refers to Dayan Town(大研镇), a largely Naxi settlement first built during the Southern Song Dynasty about eight centuries ago, known as the Oriental Venice in northwest Yunnan Province.

►In 1997, the UNESCO put Lijiang on a list of the world major cultural heritage. With a square and streets at the core, the entire city of Lijiang spreads out in all direction without city walls, and is crisscrossed by labyrinth of flagged streets and alleyways. Most of the dwellings, scattered at the foot of a mountain or by the rivers which flow through every nook and corner of the city, are brick-and-tile structures with carved doors and painted windows. Traffic across the rivers is facilitated by a large number of ting stone bridges.


Lijiang ancient town, Yunnan, China        Lijiang ancient town, Yunan, China

►The stone roads in Lijiang ancient city are narrow but quite clean and smooth, and small bridges and flowing rivers that are similar with Suzhou in eastern China. People are often seen walking leisurely on the stone pavements, enjoying a warm sunny day.

Sifangjie in Lijiang ancient town, Yunan, China      the night scene of Lijiang ancient city, Yunnan, China

►Sifang Street (Square Street,四方街) is in downtown Dayan, it had once been traders' transaction place of the Ancient Tea and Horse Road (茶马古道, Cha Ma Gu Dao). In daytime, downtown Dayan is an exchange place, at night, it is covering with red lanterns hanging outside the guesthouses. The soft, reddish lights reflect on the smooth pavement.


lijiang ancient town

Lijiang Ancient Town

►Culture is the soul of Lijiang Ancient Town

Dongba culture(东巴文化) is an integral part of Naxi people 's culture, referred to as the ancient culture of the ethnic group. It is called so because it is mostly found in the Dongba religion, which is believed to be one thousand years old. It chiefly consists of scriptures, paintings, music, dances, ritual implements and religious services.
 lijiang ancient town

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lijiang ancient town
What to eat in Lijiang

Naxi cuisine mirrors a myriad of influences, such as Tibetan, Sichuan, Bai and Hui. The result is a wide range of selections and a blend of spicy, sour and sweet flavor.      Click to check Where to Eat in Lijiang...
lijiang cuisinelijiang cuisine
lijiang cuisinelijiang cuisine
 What to enjoy: Naxi Ancient Music : the heavenly music from Tang dynasty
the old town of lijiang
the old town of lijiang
lijiang ancient town
lijiang ancient town
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