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Xijiang Miao Village, the Biggest Miao Village on Earth

Embedded along the Leigongshan Mountain of Leishan County, Xijiang Miao Village is an off-the-beaten-track destination; However, it keeps drawing tourists from home and abroad to experience its primitive and undisturbed lifestyle, the intriguing culture and exotic customs. Consisting of over ten villages, Xijiang Miao Village is the largest hub of Miao people on earth. Thanks to its mountainous topography, this less-developed area is free from the erosion of urban sprawl and has become a haven for Miao culture embodied by language, architecture, diet, music, dance, festivals, fashion, religion, faith, and lifestyle. Thus, Xijiang Miao Village is said to be a living museum of their culture.
 Xijiang Miao Village
Xijiang Miao Village is a fine example of man and nature living in harmony. Miao people have found brilliant solutions in order to allow them to continue sustainable development with an increasing population: they build stilt houses to maximize arable land and plow rice terraces fields for their descendants.

Born environmentalists, Miao people have adopted an eco-friendly lifestyle to preserve this picturesque and serene valley.
 Miao Dance

Miao Dance

Lush maples, bridges, streams, stilt houses, and simple warm-hearted local people are the first impressions visitors to Xijiang Miao Village get. Advancing further, you will marvel at the surprises that lay in store. Miao people will offer you delicious home-made rice wine on entry, and you are expected to drink it all.
 Along a crystal clear stream spanned by Wind-Rain bridges, clusters of stilt houses grow out of the ground all the way from the valley to the waist of hills before becoming lost amid vast stretches of rice terraced lands. Beautiful during daytime, this village is transformed into a glamorous retreat at night. When night falls the well-lit houses resemble sparkling stars against the dark sky, casting a spell upon everybody.
 There are four must-dos in Xijiang Miao Village: stroll through the village to appreciate its stilt houses, and the rice terraces, visit Kongbai Village and buy silver jewelry as well as enjoy their festivals.

 Fantastic Night View of Xijiang Miao Village
 The Miao people are famous for their silver jewelry, which features outstanding craftsmanship, genius designs and ancient history. There is a silversmith village nearby named Kongbai Village, where 80% of the residents make a living out of this traditional skill which is passed down from fathers to sons. Since ancient times, this village has churned out the best silversmiths in China. Silver jewelry is more than just ornaments or detoxification tools for Miao people, they are cultural totems. Obsessed with silver jewelry fashioned after various auspicious patterns, Miao people believe they can keep the devil forces away and keep themselves sound and happy, both physically and mentally. Thus, Miao people worship silver jewelry, which is their source of courage and inspiration.
Xijiang Miao Village is also the best place to enjoy Miao festivals, among which three are most famous: Miao People’s New Year, New Harvest Festival and Guzang Festival. The most important ancestor worship festival of Miao people,Guzang Festival, consists of Grand Guzang Festival and Minor Guzang Festival. The former is held each thirteen years and the latter annually. Miao villages will take turns to host this festival; the host village will prepare a grand feast to cater for villages nearby, entertaining them with bullfighting and the Lusheng Reed-Pipe Dance.
 this stream is flanked by stilt houses
Due to the constant migrations, Miao nationality splits into many groups, and the one in Xijiang Miao Village is known as West Clan. During the past, they used to wear long black robes and black headgear, hence the name Black Miao or Long Dress Miao. Except for using Mandarin, West Clan Miao people still preserve their own dialect, which prevails along southeast Guizhou province.
Travel Tips

Admission Fee: 100¥

Opening Hours: all day long

Advised Tour Time: one day

Location: Xijiang Miao Village, Xijiang Town, Leishan County, Guizhou Province

Weather: subtropical. Annual average temperature: 14~16℃ Winter is mild and summer is cool

Best Travel Season:  early summer( the weather condition will be neither cold nor hot, neither dry nor rainy)
 This is the place where Miao girls gather to embroidery work
Get in:

There are regular direct buses from Langde to Xijiang. (2 hours)

Kaili to Leishan County: 9¥   Leishan County to Xijiang:  7¥ (2 hours)

Kaili to Xijiang Town (each 30minutes there will be a regular bus heading from Kaili to Xijiang Town, it will cost 20 to 25¥. In 45minutes, you will reach Xijiang)

Kaili to Leishan County
: each half a hour, a regular bus will head to Leishan. Fee:12.5¥ From 7:00am to 5:40pm, one bus will head from Leishan County to Xijiang Town, if you want to take a taxi, it will cost 70¥

Accommodation: Xijiang

Food: rice wine

Get Around: Zhenyuan Ancient Town, Kaili, Kongbai Village
xijiangxijiang miao village artwork
 Silver jewelries, Miao people’s amulets Handicraft
xijiang miao villagexijiang miao village kill pig
 Shiyuxuan Music Workshop Miao people kill pigs to celebrate new year
xijiang miao village cornsxijiang miao village
 Except rice, corn is another important diet of Miao people Guizhou people is obsessed with chili
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