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Zhouzhuang Village

As the saying goes :

Huangshan Mountain

  represents the beauty of grand mountains in China, while


  features the mellow waterside towns. Feminine beauty was built in its very blood and soul. No wonder it was chosen one of the sites for APEC meeting site.
zhouzhuang water town

The town complex lies in


, 38 km southeast of


  city in Jiangsu Province. It has a history of over 900 years. It's also called

Oriental Venice

  and surrounded by water. People plant willows on the edge of their narrow yards, to be more accurate, corridors. little bridges, murmuring brooks and rural cottages, all of these come into a picture of quietness and simplicity. Bridges, with name or without name, all have their distinct views.
zhouzhuang water town


  is famous for its

tea culture

. Grandma's Tea, Spring Tea and Month Ceremony Tea (probably means to celebrate a new-birth baby successfully spent his/her first month in this world). There are too many customs about tea to list.
zhouzhuang water town

The traditional women would like to wear the characteristic costumes with softly dotted tiny flower, exquisite embroideries as decorations. Recent years cabbage patch dolls become a fashion on the international stage again. To


, it was only a symbol of women in the past.
zhouzhuang water town

When it comes to red letter days, notably during traditional festival of the Lunar New Year, there are folk operas, boat race, and lantern raisings. People from every corner flocked together to celebrate. If you are luck enough, you may catch the chance and experience what a hot scene it will be.
zhouzhuang water town

There are too many places of interest awaiting your discovery. Now name a few as following : Ancient bridges as Fu An Qiao (bridge of wealth and safety), Tai Ping Qiao (bridge of peace), The Twin Bridges, Bao En Qiao (bridge of gratitude), Qing Long Qiao (Dragon Bridge) and so on.
zhouzhuang water town
Author: Flora  Posted in Jan, 2010
Photos edited by Sophia on Jan 24,2014
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