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Western Hills, Kunming Xishan Forest Park

Located on the edge of

Dianchi Lake

  in the western suburbs of KunmingWestern Hills, or Kunming Xishan Forest Park,  is about 15km from downtown Kunming. This scenic area stretches from north to south 40km long at an altitude of 2500m. Resembling a sleeping lady lying on the bank of Dianchi Lake with her long hair drooping into the lake, hence its name as "a sleeping beauty".
Western Hills Scenic Area is a forest park. When you are walking on the round path in the hills, the flourish trees, beautiful flowers and streams will provide you with a pleasant feeling. Western Hills scenic spot consists of

Huating Temple, Taihua Temple, Nier'er Tomb, Sanqing Pavilion and Dragon Gate

Huating Temple is over 900 years old, it is the biggest temple retain intact in Kunming city. Buddha statues and couplets here are worthy of sightseeing. Rare flora species include Camellia blossoms and pine trees thrive here also.

Huating Temple

Taihua Temple: Situated at the waist of the Taihua Mountain, the highest mountain in Western Hills, this temple is famous for ancient architecture clusters, luxurious flowers and dense bamboo forest. Standing on the terrace, you can watch natural spectacle of sunrise, sunset and the night view of Kunming city. Among the numerous flowers, camellia and magnolia are most famous. A giant over 600-year- old Ginkgo tree stands here stately.

Taihua Temple

Sanqing Pavilion: This marvelous architecture clusters sits along the precipitous cliff and offers splendid bird’s-eye view. Sanqing is a Daoism term, which refers to the highest level of human mind. The number of stone steps here has special meaning also. A couplet in Feiyun Pavilion writes: “the magnificent buildings thrust themselves into the sky from middle cliff. Dianchi Lake below it resembles a mirror and boasts float like leaves. Different hours and seasons here feature overwhelming charm.”

Sanqing Pavilion

Dragon Gate: Bordering Sanqing Pavilion in the north and greeting Tiange pavilion in the south, Dragon Gate sits at the end of Western Hills Scenic Area and is the biggest and most exquisite Daoism grotto in Yunnan. Characterized by steep terrain, tranquil forest, grotesque stone sculptures, it ranks top among all the scenic spots here and is well known home and abroad. There is a saying - "If you do not visit Western Hills, you haven't visited Kunming; if you do not come to Dragon Gate, you haven't been to the Western Hills." Being the outstanding scenic place in Western Hills, Dragon Gate looks like a big exquisite stone carved edifice. The stone paths, stone rooms, stone grottos, and stone Buddhist statues are all carved with excellent craftsmanship on a large natural rock. Like Sanqing Pavilion, Dragon Gate was also built along cliffs. You can stand on the edge of the cliff holding the railing, looking downward to experience the steepness of the hills and enjoy the spectacle of the Dianchi Lake. 

 Dragon Gate: the essence part of Western Hills Scenic Area. You can overlook Dianchi Lake and the Kunming city here

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