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Kunming Flowers and Birds Market

When speak of Yunnan, what will pop into your mind? In this magical land, everything flourishes, blends and co-exists harmoniously, bringing out outstanding diversity and legendary splendor unparallel elsewhere in the world. Since the 19th to the 20th century a special group known as plant hunters ventured into the inaccessible parts of Yunnan, this mysterious kingdom renowned for biodiversity have astonished the whole world. With large quantities of plants introduced into Europe and other continents, by present there is no garden in the temperate zone which does not plant the species from here. Nowadays, you do not have to trek along their paths to see the legendary plants, Kunming Flowers and Birds Market will offer you the most complete species.
 Kunming Flowers and Birds Market

Kunming Flowers and Birds Market, a hot tourism destination in recent years, comprising eight sites. Among them Jingxing and Yongdao Street in downtown Kunming, are most famous. Loaded with memory of one generation, Flowers and Birds Market used to be the local people’s favorite haunt during the Spring Festival. Three decades have elapsed, and Jingxing has evolved from a small market into a comprehensive & international shopping and tourism site. Its 0.5km long narrow street is honeycombed with shops, where diversified commodities include flowers, fishes, insects, jewels, handicrafts, antiques, ethnic costumes and souvenirs, are sold. Full of surprises, this place appeals to everyone like a magnetic. The moment you step into it, you will be submerged by the ocean of flowers and feel intoxicated by the mixture of fragrance. What is more amazing, is everything here is open to negotiate, you can buy bunches of the most fresh flowers or exotic handicrafts here with fair price.

As the earliest and most complete Flowers and Birds Market in Yunnan province, Yongdao Street Flowers and Birds Market worthy of sightseeing also. Covering a floor area of 1500m2, 368 shops are densely distributed along the over 200 m long and 15 m wide Yongdao Street. Domed by exuberant trees, it is very pleasant to shop under the shade. It is the kingdom of flowers: orchid, camellia, azaleas, rose, narcissus, magnolia, and crabapple of the most complete species all gather here. The clamor of bargaining here surges and is mingled with the enchanting singings from birds include thrush, parrot, parrots, Acacia birds, starlings, etc. They twitter and flutter merrily like spirits, waiting for their new masters. Except flowers and birds, it is a shopping paradise for aquarium animals, jewels, handicrafts and local specialties: various tropical fishes, turtles, crabs and shrimps can be spotted here and various jewels include jade, rubies and sapphires sparkle. Jianchuan wood sculptures, antique smoke pipes and pots, Buddha statues, ceramics, silverware, commemorative coins of Chairman Mao and Dali marble products all claim your attention. Thus, the real challenge here is the wide variety.

Kunming Flowers and Birds Market epitomizes the blending of oriental and occidental, the air is mingled with the fragrance of coffee and tea. Along the prosperous streets, arrays of dizzying restaurants and stalls will serve mouth-watering foods and snacks, offering you a bite of Yunnan while the ancient local residences are transformed into cafes or western restaurants.
 Kunming Flowers and Birds Market: ceramics Kunming Flowers and Birds Market: an ancient music instrument
 Kunming Flowers and Birds Market Kunming Flowers and Birds Market
 kunming-flowerbird-market1 kunming-flowerbird-market-jade
 Tibetan Mastiff Jade Bracelet
 kunming-flowerbird-market22 kunming-flowerbird-market8
 Kunming Flowers and Birds Market Kunming Flowers and Birds Market: Orchid of various species gather here
 kunming-flowerbird-market23 kunming-flower-bird-market19
 one Restaurant named Yi Ke Yin Dolls inside of Kunming Flowers and Birds Market

If you have more time, the following four worthy of recommendation also:

Kunming Xibu Flowers and Birds Market
: situated in Kehua Road, Liangjiahe River area, it is a pet trading center in the real sense.

Beidamen Flowers and Birds Market: located in Kunming North Station (Kunming Beizhan), it features various bonsai artworks, stone sculptures, root artworks and flowers. The Orchid Association and Root Sculpture Art Association sit here also. Besides, it also harbors a legendary cuisine street which is very famous in Kunming.

Kunming Jinshu Chunhua Flowers and Birds Market:
Located in NO 403, Renming Donglu Road,Dashuying Community, this site specializes in fishes, flowers, pets, jewels, handicrafts, crops specialties, fishing equipment, herbs, embroidery and antique paintings.

Chunyuan Flowers and Birds Market:
located in Jinhuapu Road (opposite of chuanyuan community), you can see the most diversified dogs from Tibetan Mastiff to Chihuahua.



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