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Kaifeng Museum


Kaifeng Museum was established in March 1962. Formerly it was the Museum of Henan Province, because which moved to Zhengzhou the provincial capital later, therefore the site on Sansheng Street became Kaifeng Museum. Today the museum is at 26, Yingbin Road with less than 2 miles away from the scenic spot Dragon Pavilion Lake. 

Kaifeng MuseumKaifeng Museum is a Chinese regional museum that concentrated in history and art. It situates in an excellent environment with tranquil atmosphere and beautiful scenery. The museum looks the south side of the Bao Gong Lake and the Bao Gong Ancestral Temple, which is located at the opposite side of the lake.

The architectural layout of the museum is appeared a "山" shape (means mountain in Chinese), in traditional style with solemnity and elegance.

The grand picture "Riverside Scene at Qingming Festival" in carved boxwood displays in the first floor's entrance hall. The image depicts the urban scenes during prosperous times in Kaifeng city – the Eastern Capital of the Northern Song Dynasty – at that time.

The southern exhibition hall on the first floor is showing "Kaifeng Revolutionary History", which reproduces the modern proletariat revolutionary history in this central China's ancient city. The emotionally moving stories and invaluable documents of Chinese revolutionists, who had been active in Kaifeng in early twentieth century, are being displayed. 

Kaifeng MuseumThe second floor is "The History of the Song Dynasty", which is the core of Kaifeng Museum. Kaifeng was the old capital of the Song Dynasty. The exhibition is to demonstrate the history in politics, economy, science and culture of the city about a thousand years ago.

Moreover, now Kaifeng Museum collects about 20,000 pieces of precious relic, from the Northern Wei Dynasty (386 AD – 534 AD) to the Ming Dynasty (1368 – 1644).

Transportation: Taking Kaifeng local bus No.1, No.4, No.9, No.16, No.20, or No.23 you can directly get to the museum.

Opening Time: From Tuesday to Sunday
Summer: 8:30AM – 11:30AM and 2:30PM – 5:30PM
Winter: 8:30AM – 11:30AM and 2:00PM – 5:30PM

Ticket: 10 RMB for each person
Free for the following social groups: soldiers in Kaifeng Army, retired cadres and more than 70-year old people, all them must be with related licenses.
Free for all the visitors on May 18 of every year “International Museum Day”.


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