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Yaoli Ancient Town and Scenic Area

Yaoli, anciently means Inside Kiln of Ceramic Making, is famous as the origin of Jingdezhen ceramics. It is one of Three Ancient Ceramic Kilns in China. As early as Tang Dynasty, the ceramic-making workshops appeared. Yaoli is located in the northeast side of Jingdezhen and surrounded by Huangshan Mountain, Lushan Mountain, Villages of Xidi and Hongcun. It is traditionally titled the origin of porcelain, village of tea and sea of forest. Yaoli scenic area is the national key destination of tourism as well as the national famous town for its culture and history. Besides, it is China Four-A Scenic Area, China Mine Park, National Forest Park, National Important Cultural Relics under National Protection as well as China Double Heritage Site of Nature and Culture.


Yaoli of Jingdezhen-the charming idyllic attraction


Yaoli History and resource

Yaoli historically was the hometown of many famous people such as Wu Rui who was Changsha King of West-Han Dynasty and Li Chunnian famous as one founder of South Song Dynasty. Chen Yi who was one of famous generals in modern China once stayed and lived here, also he engaged in the re-composition of Xinsijun, or The Fourth New Troop. This is an old and mysterious area with deep collection of culture and well preservation of natural environment, and surely it is the best destination for travel, leisure, learning and study.

Yaoli abounds in kaoline, a special kind of soil for making ceramics. After hundreds of years of exploitation, it is still teemed. Gaoling Village in its area is the production area of raw materials for making porcelain. As early as 19th century, this village was famous abroad, and the name of this village became the common technical term of international clay mineralogy to call Kaoline.

Kaoline Mine Relic Park in Yaoli is not only the place for material research of ancient ceramics but also the ideal destination for free leisure. You can visit the park following the ancient path paved with stones in different sizes. People can see attractions like Gold Cock Stone, Jiuxiu (beauty-gathering) Pavilion, Longkou (dragon-mouth) Waterfall and Forest of Ancient Camphor Tree. Yaoli has a long history of making porcelain, and it can be traced back to mid-time of Tang Dynasty. In the area of Yaoli, there are plenty of ceramic kilns, up to now there are also a large number of kiln relics. Raonan Ceramic Theme Park has many traditional workshops of ceramic production. Visitos can go there to have a real experience.

Initially established in late West Han Dynasty, Yaoli ancient town has hundreds of ancient buildings which were built in Ming and Qing Dynasties. Yaoli ancient town has the beautiful natural landscape. And the rare ancient buildings are distributed on both sides of Yaohe River. These buildings like old buildings in Wuyuan are also strongly featured by Huizhou-style architecture. Cheng-Family Ancestral Memorial vividly shows the art form of Three Carvings of Huizhou Sculpture. There are also the Mansion of Jingshi (the title of winners in ancient imperial examination), Old Residence of General Chen Yi, Meeting Place for Anti-Japanese Mobilization and Stationing Site of Guerrilla of Red Army. The business streets and ancient road of Huizhou are both show its prosperity in the past. Something like colored lanterns and local operas are performing the local folk custom.


 the beauty of Yaoli


Business Street of Ming and Qing Dynasties is one of the most prosperous business streets on Ancient Huizhou Avenue. It has more than 1000 meters long and is divided into the upper section, middle section and down section. Hundreds of shops are well preserved, and the best one is a Shop of Ming Dynasty, which is the cultural relic under the municipal protection. Dongbu Ancient Street is one of Four Ancient Streets in Fuliang, and it is composed of the ancient street, ancient bridges and ancient ports. It used to be the center of Kaoline transportation.

Yaoli is also an eco-friendly destination. Distinguishing from Huizhou and Wuyuan in some way, The ancient buildings are naturally and tranquilly harmonized with nature and idyllic environment for a long time.  travelers here can simultaneously see the ancient town, ancient culture, ancient ceramics and traditional custom together with the local natural landscape which is unique and distinguishable.




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