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Jingdezhen Ceramic Exhibition Centers

International Ceramic Exhibition Center.

Since Jingdezhen succeeded in holding International Ceramic Exposition in 2004, Jingdezhen Ceramic Museum was used for the main venue, but this museum was not the professional exhibition centers, hence Jingdezhen International Ceramic Exhibition Center was built. It is located on Changnan Avenue of Jingdezhen with five stories. The third floor is the professional zone for exhibition. Simultaneously several exhibitions can be held in this building. It is the important center of exhibitions. Generally the large ceramic exhibitions are held here.

China Ceramic Town.

China Ceramic Town is located in the west suburb of Jingdezhen. It is a large trade base of ceramic products.

China Ceramic Garden of Changnan.

China ceramic garden is located on the northern side of Yingbin Avenue of Jingdezhen city. It belongs to the architectural style of Huizhou in Anhui province. It is the center of porcelain making, product exhibition, themed travel, residence, leisure and the communication and research of Chinese porcelain culture. It is one of top-ten tourist destinations in Jingdezhen.

Friendliness Store of Jingdezhen Ceramics.

During Chinese time of planned economy, this store is the must-see destination for foreign travelers, and also the superior store for foreigners to buy the porcelains in Jingdezhen. It has the grand architecture. Many exotic people learnt Chinese ceramics from this store. Currently it is not the store for selling porcelain any more.

Jingdezhen Ceramic Museum.

It is Chinese first art museum themed with ceramics. Jingdezhen Ceramic Museum is located in northern road of Lianshe in downtown of Jingdezhen. It is an important zone to exhibit the culture of Jingdezhen ceramics. In display hall, the green porcelain, white porcelain and white-green porcelain of Song Dynasty as well as diversity of styles of porcelains of different generations. It is a famous museum and travelers prefer to visit this museum.


Ceramic Street.

Officially it is called Lianshe Nanlu, but traditionally it is called Ceramic Street. A lot of stores on both sides of the street are running the products of porcelain. Foreign people like traveling on this street, and buying some they like very much. Ceramic Street is an important exhibition place of modern ceramic culture of Jingdezhen.


a glance at Ceramic Street



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