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Chaoyang Gate Tower


At first glance, this gate tower looks stunningly like the Tian’anmen Gate Tower in Beijing. In fact, it is even older than the latter. The Chaoyang Gate Tower of Jianshui was built in 1389 and is another symbol of the old Jianshui County.

Chaoyang Gate Tower Jianshui, Jianshui Attractions
Chaoyang Gate Tower Jianshui, Jianshui Attractions
Compare and contrast the Chaoyang Gate Tower of Jianshui (upper) and the Tian'anmen Gate Tower of Beijing (lower).

A border city, the Jianshui County was of strategic importance to China. The ruling Ming regime fortified the county with city walls and a gate tower on each of the four sides. The Chaoyang Gate (Chaoyang literally meaning “facing the sun”) stands in the east. Six centuries has passed, in which Jianshui suffered a number of turbulences such as war and earthquakes. All the other three gates were destroyed in war, and Chaoyang Gate Tower has been the only to survive.

Twenty-five meters high, 27 meters in length, and covering an area of 414 square meters, the Gate makes an outstanding, imposing sight in the area, bearing silent witness to the history of the old city.

Chaoyang Gate Tower Jianshui, Jianshui Attractions

The four Chinese  characters on the Chaoyang Gate Tower are one of the most famous giant calligraphic works of Qing Dynasty.


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