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The Stunning Hongcun village, World Heritage in Anhui


Hongcun village as well as Xidi village are both located in the Huangshan , Yi County(黟县), Anhui Province of east China. They are the best representatives of southern residences of Anhui province and both are entitled to be the World Cultural Heritage in 2000.

Hongcun Ancient Village, roughly 10 kilometers away from the northeast of Yi County, was established in 1131 with the total area of 19 hectares. Currently there are 137 buildings established in the time of Ming and Qing dynasties.
hongcun ancient village
Xidi and Hongcun, world heritage in Anhui

The famous "folk Forbidden City"——Chengzhitang(承志堂)

The "Folk Forbidden City" with high reputation

Due to its high landform and is often covered by clouds and mists, so it is also crowned as the Village in Painting of China. The ancient buildings of Hongcun village are all featured of white wall and grey tiles.

hongcun ancient village
the delicate wood carvings in the Chengzhi Hall of Hongcun village
The structure is well organized. Among them, Chengzhi Hall(承志堂) is the most magnificent and elaborative, and it is called as the folk Forbidden City. It is taken as the display of Anhui-style wood-carving art. It is rich in multiple wood-carvings. After several hundreds of years, its charm appears more splendid.
chengzhi hall hongcun anhui

The magic Fengshui(风水) Theory in Chinese culture

The selection of location, layout and building styles of Xidi and Hongcun villages are all under the guideline of geomantic-omen theory (Fengshui Theory) of Book of Change, as one of Four Books in China. It thoroughly embodies the Chinese traditional philosophical theory of Heaven-Human Oneness and the respect to the nature.

hongcun ancient village1
hongcun ancient village4
hongcun ancient village
hongcun ancient village
hongcun ancient village
hongcun ancient village
hongcun ancient village
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