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Ocean Park, Hong Kong toursThe forever beloved

Hong Kong Ocean Park

  was built in January 1977 on a tiny peninsular which Deep Water Bay is on the east, East Lamma Channel to the south and Tai Shue Wan to the west. It occupies a land area of 870,000 sq. m. It is the biggest recreational park in Southeast Asia. It lies in the area between Aberdeen and Repulse Bay on the south of

Hong Kong Island

. The marked architecture is the 10,000 sq. m Middle Kingdom Village (集古村), which forms a part of the Ocean Park and condenses the 5000-year history of China in one whole park. Old temples, majestic pagodas and ancient workshops so on can be seen inside the village.

Ocean Park, Hong Kong tours

Ocean Park

 is an ideal venue for viewing water animals. There are more than 100 kinds of beautiful goldfish from China and Japan swimming in the Goldfish Garden. You can learn much about the history of breeding of these colorful fish too.

The famous dolphins performance is a must see program for an

Ocean Park tour

. They jump, swim or even fly in the air for a few seconds, are very entertaining. These lovely dolphins are liked by children at home and abroad. In the Aquarium, through the glass wall, you can see giant sharks swim too. By taking the cable car of 1.4km-length which flies over the evergreen hills on a Ocean Park, Hong Kong toursclear day, you will experience the grand view of the gigantic park and vastness of the South China Sea. In addition of these magnificent ocean scenes, the pretty giant pandas from Sichuan, the interesting aviary and a lot of exciting and adventurous games, either on ground or in the water, are waiting you to explore !
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