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Baogong Memorial Temple







The full name of Baogong Memorial Temple in Chinese is “包公孝肃祠”. This temple was specially built for Bao Zheng. In 1488, roughly in Ming Dynasty of China, the administrator of Hefei, anciently called Luzhou, built Bao-Family Academy. So it was called Baogong Memorial Temple. In the memorial temple, the cultural relics associated with Bao Zheng and his family are shown. Now it is the provincial-level key protection unit of cultural relics.

Bao Zheng, (999-1062), courtesy name is Xireng. He was born in a official family. He was one of most famous officials in Chinese ancient history. He had an incomparable reputation in folk community. To some extent, his name symbolizes the honesty, justice, and clean-handedness. In some folklore, he was said to be the immortalized man or restless man. It is said that he judged the case of human at daytime and ghost at night. So he mastered the superpower to know all the injustice and evilness. There was a congenital mark like a crescent moon on his forehead. At that time, many officials, even the emperor were all scared of him if they did some wrongdoings, or some law-breaking things.

In Chinese history, he was one of four greatest honest high-rank officials. The others were Ji An of Han Dynasty, Wei Zheng of Tang Dynasty, and Hai Rui of Ming Dynasty. There are many Baogong Memorial halls or temples located where he once acted as the officials. Such as Kai Fen in Henan province (he was the top administrator of this city, which once the national capital of Song Dynasty, so he was the mayor of Kaifen, like the mayor of Beijing today), Zhao Qing of Guangdong province and so on. But the most-influential one is his memorial temple in Hefei. Some one says it was established over 900 years ago. It suffered from many fires and wars, but also reconstructed for many years. In 1882, another famous people Li Hongzhang, contributed roughly 2800 liang silver for its reconstruction.





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