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Wudalianchi World Geopark

General Introduction

Located in Heilongjiang province’s transitional area where Songnei Plain gives way to Xiaoxing’an Ridge, 380km from Harbin City, Wudalianchi World Geopark belongs to hilly terrain with altitude ranging from 248 to 600m. The 1060 km2 Wudalianchi World Geopark boasts 14 volcanoes spanning from 2 million to 280 years ago, which are the most complete, the most densely distributed and the most representative volcano clusters in the world. Combined with the diversified micro volcanic terrains, it is famed as the “Natural Volcano Museum” by scientists. Five volcanic lakes scatter within vary in color and are renowned for their magical power to improve health and cure certain skin diseases. The lake water is suitable for drinking and ranks as one of three notable “Cold Spring” in the world together with Vichy in France, North Caucasus spring in Russia.

This world geopark falls into twelve scenic areas, eight wonders and more than one hundred scenic sites. Its 800km2 lava terraces are embedded with rivers and lakes of enticing beauty.

Blessed with picturesque mountains, crystal water, magical springs, bizarre stones, rare flora&fauna species, profound culture background and grotesque caves, Wudalianchi World Geopark becomes a multi-functional comprehensive international travel destination embracing eco tourism, scientific research and therapy treatment. By now, it wins the reputation as a world geopark ratified by UNESCO and is enlisted into Man &Biosphere Protection Site. 

Wudalianchi(Five Connecting Lakes) Formed by Volcanic Erruptions

What is Special of Wudalianchi World Geopark

1. Wudalianchi’s 14 volcanoes, the most concentrated and typical volcanoes with the most diversified types in the world, are distributed regularly in the pattern of “#”, each volcano sits at the crosspoint of Northwest line and Northeast line. This triggers scientists’ enthusiasm to study them.
2. Wudalianchi World Geopark’ Eight Wonders: The precipitous and towering craters, the splendid volcanic lava felsenmeer, the bizarre volcanic fumaroles cones, the crystal lava ice cave, the gorgeous Tianchi (Lake of Heaven), the misty and foggy Lave plateau Warm Lake (Shilong Hot Spring Pool), the grotesque Longmen Stone Village and the picturesque reflections of volcanoes upon Wudalianchi( five connecting lakes).
3. Four Mysterious Phenomenons: The water flows Westward, unlike other rivers in China which flow Eastward; one can appreciate ice in its caves during hot summer; The green grass will sprout in cold winter and the vehicle will roll toward uphill when you drive it.

4. Four Amazing Things: the lake water can cure certain diseases if you drink or bath in them; the lava stones are with burning temperature and the stones can float on water.

5. Wudalianchi boasts the purest natural Oxygen bar and the best magnetized and mineralized ionized water with magical curing effect and health enhancement function on earth, together with Vichy and North Caucasus, they are famed as "the top three cold spring in the world". Its Mineral Mud Spa and Spring Spa embrace functions include enhance health, beautify body and cure certain diseases. It also has solar thermal therapy fields on the natural lava terraces as well as multi-functioned and grand scale volcano magnetize environment with Gamma peak data reaching 1000-3000. Besides, Wudalianchi produces the 100% green food with extremely high nutrition.

6. International Perspective: Wudalianchi Volcanoes VS Top Volcanoes in the world: The Hawaii Volcano in America, the La Reunion Volcano in Indonesian ocean, the Central Highlands Volcano in France and the Toro Anker volcano in Uganda can rival Wudalianchi World Geopark’s volcanoes and they share many similarities: all of them are basis lavas and were formed by Hawaii-type eruptions and adopt the same volcanic landscape. Though outshone by four volcanoes in scale, Wudalianchi World Geopark differs itself by its more concentrated and representative volcanoes with more varied and complete types, abundant volcanic springs and diversified, well-preserved rare volcanic terrains, which is a unique wonder of the world. For instance, volcanic lakes prevail in Wudalianchi are absent from the four volcanoes mentioned above, volcanic springs abundant in Wudalianchi World Geopark can be only seen in France’s Highland Volcano. Volcanic formations such as fumarolic cones and discs scattering everywhere in Wudalianchi World Geopark though can found in La Reuion volcano, which are tiny and poorly developed, unfortunately. In comparison, Wudalianchi with volcano clusters, thousands of majestic fumarolic cones unseen anywhere in the world and lakes with magical curing effect are extraordinary. 

7. Located at the axes of the Eastern Asian continental rift system, Wudalianchi was approximately formed by upwelling of mantle plume caused by rifting, thus, its volcanic rocks are the keys to unveil the mystery of plate movement and magmatic evolution as well as to detect the local volcanic and earthquake activities. 

 Lava Rocks

 Volcanic Formations


 Volcanic Rock: Hey, i am not an Egg

  Volcanic Rock Resembling Palm


  Interesting Volcanic Rocks

 Volcanic Rocks Covered with Red Moss

What to See in Wudalianchi World Geopark

Wudalianchi has 14 volcanoes, over 60km2 lava terrace, 5 volcanic lakes, 1500 volcanic jet cones, numerous volcanic caves and natural cold mineral springs.
(1)See the Volcano Clusters Above the Ground

Volcanoes in Wudalianchi World Geopark mainly belong to composite volcanoes, completed by a few shield-shaped volcanoes with no obvious craters and minor volcanoes with height within 20m. Among the 14 independent composite volcanoes with underground caves, 12 were formed in the Fourth Age (about 2.6 million years ago), Mt Laoheishan and Mt Huoshaoshan were formed in 1719AD and 1721AD respectively. These volcanoes’lower parts are made of lava granite and middle and upper parts are formed by tephra. Erecting 400 to 600m above sea level, Wudalianchi is famous for the special construction of volcanic cones, the most fancy lava traces, frosted lava tunnels and cold spring. Take a aerial view, volcanoes have different number of craters which adopt various shapes such as saddle, funnel, basin and new moon…Some craters even shelters water and form a pool. One can judge the volcanoes’age from the vegetation condition. Newly erupted craters tend to be barren while ancient craters are covered with thick trees and plants.

1. Heilong Mountain (Laohei Mountain), Huoshao Mountain——New Volcanic Sight-seeing Area

It is the core area of Wudalianchi, covering an area of 50 km2. The over 280 years old Mt Laoheishan and Mt Huoshaoshan are the two youngest volcanoes in China. You can see the spectacular volcanic terrace and various volcanic micro landforms as well as perfect volcanoes, lava flows, valleys, spring lakes and underground caves here. There are over 59 sites here include Mt Laoheishan, Shandian Crater, stone Sea, Fairy Palace, MT Huoshaoshan and fumarolic cones.

2. Longmen Stone Village--- Volcanic Sites Research Zone

The 20km2 impressive Mt.Longmenshan is composed of the 577.4 m high Mt East Longmenshan and the 581.4m high Mt West Longmenshan with low and flat crater covered with thick plantation. Sits 200m between each other, they were born over 980thousand years ago. volcanic body with flat crater and thick vegetation and widespread lava stone pool-covered slope constitutes one special beauty with ancient scenery in Wudalianchi volcanic groups----Longmen Stone Village. Mt Longmenshan is a less hunted and sparsely populated place, boasting the best ecological environment in Wudalianchi World Geopark, belonging to primeval forest adventure zone. The towering virgin forest is paradise for wild animals include black bear, wild boar、roe deer、pheasant, and is an ideal scientific and adventure hike place. Main sites include: Longmen Clouds Peak(龙门云顶)、Longmen Stone Village(龙门石寨)、Dazi Fragrant Garden(达子香园),ect.

3. Mt Yaoquanshan (Medical Spring Mountian)——Volcanic Religion Pilgrim Zone

The 930 thousand years old and 355.8m high Mt Yaoquanshan is one of the smallest and most ancient volcanoes in Wudalianchi World Geopark. Featured with even North Slope and steep southeast slope, it resembles a turning wheel with diameter of 320m. Covered with thick plantation, it looks like an elegant and exquisite bonsai from afar. This volcano shelters the famous Zhongling Temple, the only temple built near crater in the world.

4. Warm Lake (Wenpo, Warm Pool)——Lava Platform Sightseeing Zone

Warm Lake is a volcanic wonder along the Shilong River which resembles a bonsai, is composed of three tiny pools: the source Pool, the Mysterious Pool and the Fairyland Pool with distinctive features respectively. Stretching over 1200m in length and with average water depth of 0.8m, Warm Lake reaches 2m in the deepest part. According to scientists, it is the core area of Wudalianchi’high magnetic field. The latest lava flow which failed to erupt just lies below this pool, thus its water is blessed with the highest degree of magnetism, the most ideal place for Spa therapy treatment. Warm Lake with annual temperature around 14℃ all year around, even when the surrounding temperature is chilly -40℃, there are still vapors hang over the water surface.

Warm Lake in Winter

(2)See the Rocks and Waterscape on the Ground

Wudalianchi World Geopark features a 64 km2 lava terrace exhibiting the most eye-dazzling volcanic lava formations which are art of nature, and is renowned worldwide for Wudalianchi (five connecting lakes))formed by volcanic eruptions occurred in 1719AD and 1721AD separately, together with Yaoquan River,Yaoquan Lake, Shilong river, South-North New Moon River,Warm Lake which are embedded among the forest , they compose a most enchanting scenery.
1. Wudalianchi Lakes: the second largest Volcanic Lakes in China

The bottoms of wudalianchi Lakes are piled up with lava rocks and the boundary of these lakes are silhouetted against the grotesque stones. The transparent water allows you the see the fish. Paddling along the 40km2 Wudalianchi lakes, you can catch a glimpse of the intoxicating scene of 14 volcanoes’reflection mingled with the crystal flowing water, a fairyland wonder with poetic beauty beyond description. Wudalianchi is a serial of mysterious volcanic lakes, unlike other lakes on earth, there is no source lake of it. Hundreds of underground sprouting springs provide water continuously to them. Blessed with rich minerals and magnetized water, Wudalianchi is a paradise for fish.

Wudalianchi Lakes’ water is suitable for drinking as well as Spa therapy, are famed as top three cold spring in the world due to its rich minerals content and magical curing effect. One can taste the spring to heart’s content or enjoy spa as well as ascend Yaoquan Mountain to enjoy a birds’ eye-view, or indulge in the reveries as well as listen to the ringing bells of Lingchan Temple.

 Wudalianchi(Five Connecting Lakes)

 Island Among Wudalianchi

 Melting Ice

 Wudalianchi Adopt Different Color Due to the Underground Rocks' color Vary

 Red-crowned Crane

 Wudalianchi Covered by Snow

2. Yaoquan Spring (North and South Medical Springs ——World Famous Spring Spa Zone)

Yaoquan Spring sits amid the center of this geopark, covering an area of over 10km2. Deriving its name from the mineral water with magical health care and curing effect. This volcanic lake stretches over 300m in length from East to West and over 1000m from South to North, with average depth of 3 m. Springs holes as well as hidden rivers are distributed along its bottom, making it a rare lake with flowing water.

 Pavilions in the Spring Zone

 North Medical Spring Zone Covered by Snow


 Yaoquan Lake

 the World Renowned Sping Spa Zone

3. Tianchi(Lake of Heaven) ——Volcanic Ecology Zone

Tianchi is a basin-shaped crater with diameter of 150m, which will never freeze in cold winter. Legend has it that this mysterious volcanic lake is “the Seven Fairies’s Bathing Pool”. It is the most delicate volcanic bonsai in the world also. In the past, it was over 10 m deep, occupied by lotus inhabited by a strange fish with inverted scale. Tianchi’s water level dropped dramatically after it was used to irrigate the land, and is reduced to a shallow water wetland, but still, visitors can appreciate the scene of volcanoes reflections on the crystal water.
(3)See the Caves and Springs Underground

Wudalianchi World Geopark’s underground world is as beautiful as above the ground. Many lava tunnels stretch themselves in such a free way and decorated with wonders rare seen in the world definitely worth your full attention. By far, caves like Ice Cave(冰洞)、Underground Ice River Cave(地下冰河)、Fairy Cave(仙女宫) are open to public, the longest cave reaches over300m. Decorated with ice and Lava stalactite, these caves look like awesome fairyland against the colorful lights.

Glimpse of Underground Caves

 Ice on the Wall of Underground Caves


 Ice on the Wall of Underground Cave

 Underground Lava Tunnel

Crystal Palace, Bailong Cave——Ice and Snow Karst Cave Zone

The 150m long and 23m depth Crystal Palace Cave’s interior is compose of various bizarre lava stones and crystal ice flowers, while its underground is paved with eternal glacier which never melt. To see the ice in hot summer is one of the romantic things to do. The 515m long Bailong Cave (White Dragon Cave,白龙洞) is an underground ice river with average temperature of -12℃, it is the longest volcanic lava tunnel in China by far. By now, 365m of this tunnel has been developed, with the remaining 150m belonging to adventure area.

 Bailong Cave

 Crystal Palace

 Crystal Palace

 Crystal Palace

Further Reading: Wudalianchi 7 Scenic Districts and 12 Sight-seeing Areas

New Age Volcanic Wonder Sightseeing Area, World Renowned Spring Sightseeing Area, Ancient Volcanoes Ecotourism Sightseeing Area, Volcanic Lakes Sightseeing Area, Volcanic Lava Ice Caves Sightseeing Area, Longmen Village Science Adventure Sightseeing Area and Volcanic Culture and Folklore Sightseein Area.

The twelve sight-seeing areas include New Volcanic Sight-seeing Area (Heilong Mountain, Huoshao Mountain), Barrier Lake Resort (Bailong Lake), World Famous Spring Spa Zone (The South and North Medical Spring) Lava Platform Sightseeing Zone (Warm lake), Volcanic Sites Research Zone (Longmen Stone Village), Ice and Snow Karst Cave Zone(Crystal Palace Cave, Bailong Cave), Volcanic Religion Pilgrim Zone(Medical Spring Mountain), Wild Pleasure Experience Zone(Wohu Mountain), Primeval Forest Adventure Zone(Longmen Mountain), Volcanic Ecology Zone(Lake of Heaven), Ancient Wetland Zone (Gray Crane Wetland), Tourist Service Center(Medical Spring Town).

Wudalianchi World Geopark's Wetland

Further Reading: Flora and Fauna

Besides volcano clusters and lakes, Wudalianchi World Geopark is home to1044 species of flora, 121 kinds of animals and 80 kinds of butterflies. Among them, there are 47 kinds of endangered plants, dozens of rare animals and the rare seen precious Apollo butterfly. The flora and fauna resources of this site mirror the evolution process systematically and completely from lower stage to higher stage. Liu Shurun, the world famous ecology expert spoke highly of it and metaphors it as a profound history textbook.

Travel Tips

Entry Fee: 195 RMB (include all scenic sites inside)

Best travel season: Each May to September

Heilongjiang province belongs to temperate continental monsoon climate, it has long winter and fleeting summer,, temperature ranges from -42℃ to 38.2℃, with annual temperature of 0℃.

Wudalianchi World Geopark's Micro Volcanic Landform


the Serenity Beauty of Winter of Wudalianchi World Geopark

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