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Jingpohu World Geopark


Located in Ning’an City, Heilongjiang Province and 97km from Mudanjiang City, Jingpohu World Geopark stretches an area of 1400km2 and nestles along Zhangguangcai Ridge’s undulating southeast slope with altitude ranging from 900-1100 meters. It boasts representative, rare, systematic, complete remains of volcanic landscape, splendid Diaoshuilou Waterfall, the largest volcanic Lava Lake in the world with enticing scenery in four seasons and the second longest lava tunnel in the world. The most complete volcanic landforms, rich geological canyon landscape, luxuriant underground virgin forest and culture relic sites can be found here also.

Jingpohu World Geopark comprising 7 geological remnants sites, Bohai Kingdom Relics and Horse Riding Adventure Area. Its 7 geological remnants sites are: Crater Forest Scenic Area, Lava River Scenic Area,Diaoshuilou Waterfall Scenic Area, Jingpo Lake Scenic Area, Xiaobei Lake Scenic Area, Frog Pond Volcanic Cone Scenic Area, Lava Terrace Area, with the former four as the most famous and key scenic area. Volcanic and water landforms are its two major geological features.

This comprehensive 5A national scenic site and notable summer resort is an ideal place for scientific research, summer, tours, sightseeing, holiday and cultural exchange activities. In September, 2006, Jingpohu World Geopark was listed as world Geopark by UNESCO.


the Performer in Diaoshuilou Waterfall

Main Scenic Sites

Jingpo Lake Scenic Area 

Jingpo Lake Scenic Area is composed of three parts: Diaoshuilou Waterfall, Underground Forest and Dragon Well Mansion Relics of Bohai Kingdom,Tang Dynasty. It boasts the largest and longest lava tunnel in China, the biggest volcanic lava lake in the world, the Diaoshuilou waterfall with the highest altitude as well as deep and mysterious underground forest.

The Jingpo Lake Scenic Area is divided into North Lake, Middle Lake, South lake and Upper Lake geographically, covering an area of 90km2. Eight places of interests are embedded into it like pears into a flowing ribbon: Diaoshuilou Waterfall, Mt Dagusha, Mt Xiaogushan, Pear Gate,etc.

Volcano clusters and lava terraces envelop Jingpo Lake and converge with the Northwest area’s volcanic eruption remnants and lavas, creating a basaltic dam which obstructs Mudan River and forms today’s Jingpo Lake. North of the lake, water plunges down abruptly, forming a over 20m high, 70 m width Diaoshuilou Waterfall, the biggest basalt waterfall in the world.


the Frozen Diaoshuilou Waterfall in Winter

Jingpo Lake

Located at Southeast of Heilongjiang Province, the 45km long and S-shaped Jingpo Lake with average altitude of 350m nestles between the Zhangguangcai Ridge and Laoye Ridge, 50 km from Ning’an City and 110km from Mudanjiang city, is the largest volcanic Lava Lake in the world formed by the fourth age volcanic eruption over 10 thousand years ago. Stretching 50 km in length, and 9 km in the utmost width, this lake covers an area of 80 km2. With average depth of 40meters, it grows deeper from south to north area before reach the deepest part: 62 meters. In the area of Lake Jingpohu, you can appreciate the vivid Mt.Maogongshan and imposing Mt Dagushan, the tiny and delicate Pear Gate and ancient walls.



 Jingpohu In Spring

 Jingpohu World Geopark in Autumn

Dragon Well Mansion Relics of Bohai Kingdom, Tang Dynasty

Except fascinating scenery, Jingpohu Scenic site never lacks cultural relics also. You can see many primitive village sites here. Shangjing Dragon Well Mansion Relics of Bohai Kingdom is worthy of recommendation in particular. It is a cultural site enjoys ancient history. Bohai Kingdom, a local feudal government built by Mohe Clan in 689AD (Tang Dynasty) with Shangjing as its capital which lasted over 300 years. The Haidong Kingdom it built was one of the most famous cities in North China which was burned to ashes within one night. The delaying of it was the mystery which triggers scholars’ interests.

Shangjing Dragon Well Mansion Relics

Shangjing Dragon Well Mansion Relics

The Underground Forest

The underground forest, also known as Crater Virgin Forest, 52 km away from Northwest of Diaoshuilou Waterfall, taking recluse in the remote forest of Zhangguangcai Ridge with altitude from 750-1000 meters. The 12 craters nourish giant trees over 300 years old averagely, with the oldest trees over 600 years old. The 67 thousand acres forest is a rare seen splendid scene in the world. The air is so clean and fresh due to the high oxygen content, a natural oxygen bar, as people say.

Besides the splendor of Jingpohu Lake, the underground forest, this geopark is home to limitless and most densely distributed volcanic remnants such as lava terrace, lava tunnel and lava caves. The longest lava tunnel here is 23km, just next to the27 km long Hawaii lava tunnel, the longest in the world. It is the rare seen giant lava tunnel in China. Interior of these lava tunnels house a most marvelous world, you can perceive the lava flowers, lava tongues and lava waves, which are of high geological, aesthetic and scientific research value.


Underground Forest

Formation History of Jingpohu World Geopark

Jingpo Lake was formed and broadened by volcanic eruptions over one million and 70 thousand years ago respectively, while the successive three volcanic eruptions occurring 12000, 8300 and 5140 years ago shaped the way it is today. Ejected lava blocked the Mudan River, forming the world's largest volcanic lava dammed lake and other volcanic lava lakes around, big and small, creating a typical, rare, complete remains of a volcanic landscape comprising splendid waterfalls caused by the collapse of lava granite and the flowing of river, grand and imposing crater clusters, winding lava tunnels and intriguing caves.

Features of Jingpohu World Geopark

Except Jingpo Lake and waterfalls, crater forest scenic area and Lava river Scenic area are highlights of this geopark with breathtaking beauty. Covering an area of 36km2, the crater forest scenic site consists of 11 craters, among them four are open to public. Besides, Lion Cave, Underground Forest and Mandarin Duck Pool worth sightseeing also. The 84 km2 Lava River Scenic Area shelters a 23 km lave tunnel, the longest one in China and the second longest in the world. These tunnels’ ceilings, walls and floors are decorated with exquisite and vivid lava formations such as lava waves, chicken paw-shaped pattern, which are one of the most spectacular wonders in the world. Underground lava waterfalls are thrilling sights also, together with the maze of Lava caves with bewildering beauty, they bring much charm to Jingpohu World Geopark.


the 23 km long Lava Tunnel, the second longest in the World

This is the "Lava Waterfall"

Scientific Value of Jingpohu World Geopark

Jingpohu World Geopark is bestowed with high geological research value mainly embodied by the complete formation process of volcanic lava lake, whose value outweigh those of volcanoes, lava terrace, volcanic pools, waterfalls and wetlands and is the key to study New Age Volcanoes. Rich cultural context highlighted by primitive villages and especially Bohai Kingdom relics are precious research materials also. Combined with enchanting landscape and diversified flora and fauna species, Jingpohu World Geopark is an idea tourism destination in North China.

Flora and Fauna

Over 410 animals settle down in this geopark, such as Northeast tiger, leopard, black bear and deer. There is one very special sheep named Dangling Sheep who sleep with their horns stick with the trees and cliffs to shield from the attracts of carnivores in night.

This geopark’s water is occupied by over 72 kinds of fish. Cucumber fish smells like cucumber, and if you catch one, it will make your boat smells of cucumber, thus deriving its name. It contains extremely high nutrition, besides, it reproduce so quickly, so you do not have to worry about overfishing. However, it poses as a threat to environment, the fisher men keep fishing them, still, there are over quantity of them living in water.


Young Black Bear

Dangling Sheep

China Northeast Tiger




 Roe Deer

Geological Relics

Jingpohu’s Volcanic eruptions dating 12000, 8300 and 5140 years ago bestowed this geopark with typical, rare, systematic and complete volcanic landforms which fall into three categories: The first is volcanic geological relics include craters, lava flows, lava tunnel,etc. The second is waterscape relics comprising Jingpo Lake, Diaoshuilou Waterfall, Xiaobei Lake, Mandarin Duck Lake,etc. The third is granite relics include Pear Gate, Mt Maogongshan and so on.

Cultural Relics

Over 10 primitive villages are spotted here such as Yinggeling, Songyiqiao Villiage, Houyu Villiage. The Bohai Kingdom relics comprise ancient walls, architectures, tombs and temples. Buddhism prevails at that time and many temples were constructed, Xinglong temple is one of the most famous. The stone lamp of 1200 years old in Xinglong Temple is the representative of Bohai buddhist stone carving art masterpieces.

Travel Tips

Best Travel Season: Each June to September (with average temperature of 17.3℃) you can see the splendid waterfall and Jingpo Lake.

Food: Feast of Fish. More than 40 mouth-watering fish dishes are served.

Local specialties: Fish, Ginseng, Astragalus and Nuts.

Special Activity: Each 15, August, Mudanjiang city will hold a Jingpo Lake Middle-Autumn Festival and invite guests from Russian, Southeast Asian, Europe, America, Canada for business or cultural exchange. Sports competition, singing, dancing and firework show will be held.

Jingpo Lake Scenic Site Entry Fee: Adults: 80RMB per person, one can enter twice within 48 hours.

Sightsee Vehicle: 12RMB per person Cruises: 80 RMB per person

Crater Scenic site: 55RMB per person Sightsee Vehicle: 50RMB per person


Jingpo Lake in Winter



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