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Harbin Ice and Snow World

North China in wintertime is a world of ice and snow. Vast area with thick and endless snow always surprises the visitors. This is the power of the nature and the artwork of nature. At this time, in Harbin, there is a famous tourist destination---Harbin Ice-Snow World(哈尔滨冰雪大世界). In this ice town, the talented craftsmen carved an imagined and fantastic world. 
Harbin ice and snow world, Heilongjiang, China

Harbin Ice-Snow World

Harbin Ice and Snow World totally covers more than 400, 000 square meters with the use of ice 120, 000 cubic meters and snow 100, 000 cubic meters. Annually, there are more than 2000 ice-snow artworks in winter and the themed recreational activities are more than 30. It is an unprecedented record-breaking. 

 Harbin Ice and Snow World is the quintessential artworks of ice and snow in the work. It is the largest and most fascinating Ice-made Disneyland. In this fairyland, you can see the miraculous ice and snow statues. It will be an impressive and unforgettable visit. Visitors also can experience the ice-made bar, ice-made hotel, snow golf and snow football and so on. Especially enjoying these largest and romantic statues at night can amaze you and let you enter a world of snow and ice.

Harbin ice and snow world, Heilongjiang, China

This is an acient Chinese building made of ice bricks.

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