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Hangzhou’s Baroque Palace: Zhu Bingren Bronze Art Museum

 Zhu Bingren Bronze Art Museum(朱炳仁铜雕博物馆) , a hidden gem in the bustling Hefang Street (NO.207-221).

This 3,000m2 complex has three floors, plus a well-lit underground chamber. Three hours are needed to enjoy it to your heart’s content. Photo opportunity abounds. Except for the façade, floor and pillars, everything within are made of bronze. Rumors had it that 65 tons of bronze were used to cast it. The winding corridors, staircases, screens, ornate doors, carved eaves, latticed windows, palatial ceilings and enclosed courtyards evoke a world far from the hustle and bustle of urban life a block away.
zhubingren bronze art museum
Entry of Zhu Bingren Bronze Art Museum

What Makes Zhu Bingren Bronze Art Museum Special

(1) Zhu Bingren Bronze Art Museum is the only one of its kind in China and even the world

(2) Everything inside of it, except for some pillars, is made of bronze

(3) It displays how traditional Chinese cultural elements including paintings, frescos, sculptures, calligraphy and seal engraving are innovatively integrated into the realm of Bronze Art.

(4) It is a very inspirational place to enjoy the most diversified bronze art, such as bronze furniture, bronze Buddha statues, bronze handicrafts and bronze casting artworks.

(5) It displays the most fabulous bronze works in China and the unique Zen painting of Zhu Bingren

zhubingren bronze art museum
Top Things to do in Zhu Bingren Bronze Art Museum

(1) Feast eye on a potpourri of bronze artworks, including frescoes, sculptures, paintings, handicrafts, artworks, architecture and furniture.
zhubingren bronze art museum

(2) Puzzle over the elusive expressions of bronze Buddha statues and feel a sense of tranquility
 zhubingren bronze art museum

(3) Hunt for a piece of Zhu Bingren’s limited-version original artwork
zhubingren bronze art museum
zhubingren bronze art museum

(4) Take photos of bronze casting artworks, bronze furniture, bronze architecture such as bridges, pagodas and mansions, bronze Buddha statues, bronze corridors, bronze ceilings, bronze rooftops, bronze animals, bronze decorations, bronze staircases.
zhubingren bronze art museum
 zhubingren bronze art museum

Who is Zhu Bingren

Zhu Bingren(1944—Now) is an established bronze master born in a family specialized in bronze sculpture during the past two centuries. This lucky fellow received good education both in school and from his father and grandfather. His talent in literature, calligraphy, philosophy, Buddhism, painting, seal engraving and especially bronze art wins him unmatched reputation across China. In China, he is known as the God Father of bronze art and will be the first folk artisan who will be remembered for all eternity.
zhubingren bronze art museum

What are Zhu Bingren’s main Achievements?

(1) Elevate China’s timeworn bronze art to unprecedented level, both in technique and theme

(2) Incorporate the essential part of traditional Chinese architecture, folk art, calligraphy, poem and contemporary art into bronze art; bestow each piece of bronze art work with exquisite forms and soul and a palpable sense of Zen.

(3) The melting & casting copper technique he invented contributes a lot to world’s bronze art.

(4) He created Ten Representative Works: Leifeng Pagoda(雷锋塔), The Bronze Pagoda of Guilin(桂林铜塔), CHangzhou Tianning Pagoda(常州天宁宝塔), Golden Peak of Mt Emei(峨眉山金顶), Golden Peak of Dahong Mountain(大洪山金顶), Shanghai Golden Temple(上海金山寺), Bronze Mansion of Lingyin Monastery(灵隐铜殿) and the Bronze Screen Wall of University of California(加州铜幕墙).
zhubingren bronze art museum
Author: Sophia    Posted on Oct 17, 2013
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