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Wushan Night Market

If you find yourself in Hangzhou with nothing to do, ( and there is never nothing to do in Hangzhou!), but if you are feeling uninspired, I have a superb idea for you. Head south down Yan’an Rd,and keep walking south until you can go no further. You have now arrived at one of Hangzhou’s most popular shopping spots. It is called Wushan Night market. You guessed it. It is open day and night, 7 days a week.

This is the perfect spot for those shopaholics who love buying gifts for their loved ones back home. The market is full of goodies and you can buy curios, longjing tea, handcrafts, Chinese paper cuts and paintings as well as those downright cheap plastic toys…great for the kids! The prices are good and if you’re feeling really adventurous you can try a little bargaining!

The variety of shopping is one of the best in Hangzhou, and the exclusive handmade items are very well priced. You can even watch the local craftsmen making the item in front of you. For those of you who want a permanent reminder of their visit , you can sit down and get your portrait drawn for you. The artists are very flattering! Enthusiastic street sellers will sell you bright rubber-band powered rockets that fly into the air like fireflies and paper birds that actually fly by flapping their wings. Don’t forget to visit the magician and learn some magic tricks. If you feel like a thrill, visit the haunted house for only 20 RMB. You will never be the same again!

If the kids become bored head up the steps of the entrance square and you will find children’s rides, fishing for goldfish and colorful kiteflying. It is a feast for the senses!

Wushan Night Market is a bouquet of color, movement, tradition, and fun. Situated in traditional buildings from the Qing Dynasty, the shops are full of character and modernity. Get lost in the crowd, fill your bellies with delicious food, and feast your eyes with wonderful desires as you wander from stall to store. Don’t forget to bring your camera!
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