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Yandang Mountain

The main part of Yandang Mountain stands in Leqing, a county-level city of Wenzhou City in Zhejiang Province, China. It is so named because of the fact that on the mountaintop, there is a lake with thick reeds, where many wild gooses shelter themselves. It first drew public attention in Southern and Northern Dynasties and became widely famous in Tang and Song Dynasties. It is 300 kilometers away from Hangzhou and 70 kilometers from Wenzhou. It covers an area of 450 square kilometers and is composed of eight scenic areas which contain more than 500 scenic spots. Yandang Mountain is famous for its peculiar-shaped peaks and stones, age-old caves and stone-chambers, magnificent waterfalls, and lovely springs. Mount Ling, Ling Crag, and Big Dragon Waterfall, three scenic areas among the eight are considered as Three Wonders of Yandang Mountain. And the night scene of Mount Ling is particularly preferred by visitors.

The mountain extends several hundred kilometers. And geographically it is divided into the North Yandang Mountain, the Middle Yandang Mountain, the South Yandang Mountain, the West Yandang Mountain and the East Yandang Mountain. And the North Yandang Mountain refers to the well-known Yandang Mountain Scenery Zone, which was entitled National Key Scenic Spot in 1982. The scenery zone consists of five separate scenic spots, which are Mount Ling, Ling Crag, Big Dragon Waterfall, Xiansheng Gate, and Yan Lake. It has more than 380 small scenic spots. It is said that Yandang Mountain Scenery Zone has 102 mounts, 64 cliffs, 26 rocks, 49 caves, 18 waterfalls, 28 ponds, 10 springs, 8 bridges, 2 lakes, and 2 gorges, etc. And it is mainly characterized by its peculiar-shaped peaks. The most famed ones include Zhuobi Peak, Duxiu Peak, Yunv Peak, Shuangluan Peak and Jinji Peak, etc. These peaks look like animals or objects, and they appear different when you watch them from different angles. Take Mount Ling for example. When watching from the left side, you will find the peak is split into two which look like two folded palms. But when it is night, you will find that the peak looks like a couple who nestle close to each other and whisper sweet nothings. It is worth visiting.

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