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Xiaohe Historical Street


Xiaohe Historical Street, HangzhouXiaohe Historical Street(小河直街) is located at the connection point of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal and the Yuhangtang River in the north of Hangzhou. Since the time of the late Qing Dynasty due to its excellent location, the street block has been once flourished marketplace and it was an important wharf for river container ships also, with many warehouses, handicraft workshops, teahouses and restaurants. But in later time, the area became decadent, and the living condition for the people here was deteriorating gradually, the constructions here became damaged and un-repaired.

In 2007, the Hangzhou Municipal Government planned and implemented the project of restoring the original site of Xiaohe Street and the prosperous scene during the late Qing Dynasty. The Xiaohe Historical Street Block will be opened in October 2007.

The street is a very typical example of urban business street block in the Yangtze River Delta, with ancient Chinese style business and residential houses on the both sides of a small river (Yuhangtang River). The architectures here are mainly built of concrete on the first floor and wooden on the second. The renovation of the site meant to reveal the past glory of the once flourished commercial district, providing tourists an opportunity to experience the great harmony of the old business blocks and the Grand Canal scenes beside: the tranquil and peaceful environment, the farmers' sculpture and the kiosk for relaxing. All these incarnate the beauty of Hangzhou.

Bus routes: 1 and 76.

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