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Thousand Island Lake


The Thousand-Island Lake is located in Chun’an County of Hangzhou City, in Zhejiang Province, China. Its name means its geographical landscape, which has 1078 islets inside the lake.  The tree-branch-shaped Thousand-Island Lake in Hangzhou's Chun'an County is about 129 km to the west of the city's center and its transportation there is quite convenient. The lake has a total area of 580 square kilometers and its capacity is 17.84 billion cubic meters. Its maximum depth is 100 meters and the average depth is 34 meters. It features the subtropical monsoon climate. Therefore, it has four distinct seasons and is usually warm and moist. Its average annual temperature is 17 degrees centigrade. The average annual precipitation is 1430 millimeters.

The area receives about 5 million tourists annually and it has been honored as one of the three best tourism areas in the mainland by Taiwanese travelers, besides the capital Beijing and the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River. The Thousand-Island Lake is honored as "World's Garden City" and "China's Best Preserved Ecological Town". 

The lake is shaped like a branch. It is so named because there are thousands of islands, big or small, in the lake. The exact number is 1078. They strew the lake, densely or distantly. And the lake seems to be divided into numerous small ones, which form a maze. The lake is mainly characterized by these islands with different shapes and sizes. The Thousand-Island Lake is also rich in natural and cultural resources for tourism, which consist of clean water, thick forests, abundant animal and plant species, multiple landforms, and ancient sites and buildings.  Besides, it has some ancient sites, which date from the New Stone Age, and old temples, which are well-preserved. Beneath the deep water lie two 1800-year old ancient cities that still keep themselves in mystery and expect you to unveil the truth. Actually the lake is formed by man. In the past dams have been built at the origin of Xin'anjiang River, which is also called Fuchun River in Tonglu and Fuyang sections and Qiantang River in Hangzhou section. Eventually a lake has been formed. It can be regarded as a giant reservoir. 

The Thousand-island Lake forms a part of scenic area of Fuchun and Xin'anjiang Rivers. This area is one of China's key scenic attractions, also the center of the Yangtze River Delta. The lake neighbors many great tourist attractions like West Lake in Hangzhou, Huangshan Mountain in Anhui Province, Taihu Lake in Jiangsu, Wuyishan Mountain in Fujian and so on. 

It is honored as Green Thousand-island Lake due to the fact that its forest coverage reaches 81 percent. And it is a haven for 94 different kinds of fish and 90 different kinds of birds living in Thousand-island Lake, and the fishery resources are very rich nowadays. The annual produce of fish is about 3,000 tons, which is naturally raised. Meanwhile the total area of fish breeding ground is about 666 sq. m, the production can reach 900,000 tons per year.

Many hotel rooms can command a grand view of the beautiful lake. The drinking water supplied here are from the crystal-clear water of the lake. The air quality is always excellent because the dense forest round the lake can provide new oxygen to the scenic environment. Geographical interests can be found around the lake, different kinds of stones and physiognomies are really eye catching. Because of the long history of Chun'an County, cultural relics and ancient architecture will feast your eyes too. Taxi fare is much cheaper than in downtown Hangzhou. All these things will be very attractive for a Thousand-island Lake tour. If you would like to have more fun, you may try to on board a yacht to sail leisurely on the surface. You will find it very interesting, and the scenery can be extremely different between a clear day and a gloomy day !



 Author: Wu Hao   Posted on Jan 30, 2012


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