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Six Harmony Pagoda



Six Harmony Pagoda The

Six-Harmony Pagoda

 (六和塔) is stood on the top of Yuelun Hill near the Qiantang River,


. It was built in 970 AD (the Song Dynasty period), destroyed by a fire in 1123, and then rebuilt in 1156. In 1900, the pagoda's wooden construction part was entirely renovated. It is one of the best tourist attractions in the West Lake Scenic Area.
The "Six-Harmony" is from a concept in Buddhism that monks should behave in harmony with all matters in their daily life. It is said the purpose of the pagoda is to "weaken" the surge of Qiantang River tide and expel the evil spirits nearby. The Song Dynasty's forces came to Hangzhou guarding against the northern ethnic enemies, they quartered at a monastery near the

Six-Harmony Pagoda

. When the powerful sound of the Qiantang River tide came, one of the generals from Luoyang in the north thought that it was the sound of enemies' war drum. A Buddhist monk here told him that the sound was actually the surging tide of the Qiantang River. 

The Six-Harmony Pagoda is 60 m tall and having 8 floors. The Qiantang River view seen from the top of it is very magnificent as if the tower is looked from afar. The park close to the pagoda has an exhibition hall that details the history, the culture and the symbols associated with it.



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