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Longjing Tea Plantation


Longjing Tea Plantation

Longjing Tea Plantation,Hangzhou

Hangzhou, as the Tea Capital  in China, is a lovely city with long tea history and tea culture. Wiithout any doubt, the Longjing Tea(Dragon Well Tea) is Hangzhou’s city card for it is a famous specialty of Hangzhou and titled as number one among top ten Chinese Famous Tea. Since one thousand years ago, it is a tribute to imperial household and a state gift to other countries. Furthermore, with the high quality, Longjing Tea has been praised as "the Queen among Green Tea". So if you like green tea and interested in tea culture, please do not miss this adorable Longjing Tea Plantation, especially in spring.



Longjing Tea Plantation mainly refers to eight traditional tea gardens  inside the West Lake Scenic Area, such as Longjing(龙井),Manjuelong(满觉陇),Jiuxi(九溪),Wengjiashan(翁家山),Yangmeiling(杨梅岭),Lingyin(灵隐),Maojiabu (茅家埠) and Shuangfeng(双峰), covering almost 240 square hectometer. Just like the West Lake, the Longjing Tea is a refined perfection made by man, nature and culture. It vividly represents the West Lake and adds much beauty for the scenery surrounds it. Now, this plantation is an important production base for Longjing Tea cultivation in Hangzhou, which provides high quality Longjing and becomes a state's tea gift.

Longjing Tea Plantation

Longjing Tea Plantation

longjing Tea Plantation in Spring

A farmer is picking tea leave

Longjing Tea Plantation

Longjing Tea Plantation

A farmer is processing tea leave

 A farmer is taking care of his tea bushes

In the Longjing Tea Plantation, tea plants distribute among everywhere. Some form beautiful tea terrace and some are well-spaced on the flat ground at the sides of streams.With superior natural environment, suitable climate and appropriate soil, Longjing Tea Plantation produces fresh and organic tea leaves.Together with traditional processing technology, here comes China's best green tea!
Longjing Tea PlantationLongjing Tea Plantation

 a wedding photo at Longjing Tea Plantation

Tea Plantaion in a quiet morning

In the Spring, when tourists are strolling around the Longjing Tea Plantation, tea leaf's fragrance and fresh air can clear stressful head.The greenish yellow tea leave spread gently and evenly.You'll feel smooth when you are touching it. The leaf is generally shorter than 3cm with no dust on it. Strong tea fragrance is smelt on the leaf's surface. The counterfeit

Longjing Tea

  has a smell of common grass and not smooth when being touched by hand. Many tea houses near the plantation serve Longjing Tea,in which, also are  good  places for relaxing during weekends. Some young people even take their wedding photo here and some artist come here for seeking inspiration,such as Imogen Heap. 

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