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Lin'anLin'an, located at the west of Hangzhou city, is among the first numbers of ecological model cities in China. It is also the home of China's bamboo, traditional painting art and Chinese walnut. In fact Lin'an is a forest covered town in northern Zhejiang Province, the dense forest occupied about 74 per cent of the town's 3,126 sq. km area. Today there are two state natural reserve zones – Tianmushan Mountain and Qingliang Peak, of which Tianmushan is listed in the human and ecological network set up by the United Nations. Additionally, over ten attractions are located in the forest, Qingshanhu Lake National Forest Park, Damingshan Mountain Scenic Area, Shennongchuan Stream and Baishuijian Creek, to name a few. The majestic landscape embodies scenic lakes and hills, big and old trees, ancient and odd caves, and powerful but lovely falls have made Lin'an a great place for an ecological tour in the outskirts of Hangzhou. 

The altitude of Lin'an is higher in Lin'anthe west and lower in the east. The movement of the water flow forms three large river valleys – Changhua, Yuqian and Lin'an. These valleys are juxtaposed like a line, which is stretching from northeast to southwest. Historically, the beautiful landscape attracted many celebrities and litterateurs visiting here, and they had left their footprints and literary works, which contributed much in enriching Lin'an's culture. Buddhism has been rooted deeply in Lin'an since the Han Dynasty about 2,000 years ago. Indian monks visited here to preach their religion and philosophy. In later times, Lin'an had produced many master monks, who strongly influenced many Southeast Asian Countries, especially Japan.

The restaurant business in Lin'an has its own features. Simple but delicious rural style dishes become localized cuisine, which is loved by tourists at home and abroad. Merchandises concerning tourism here include Chinese walnuts, green tea, dried bamboo shoots, bamboo-made products and gorgeous handicrafts made by chicken-blood stone, which is a famous specialty in Lin'an.




landscape of Lin'an

Chinese Walnut in Lin'an

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