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Fei Lai Feng (Peak Flown from Afar)


Some legends are told about the Peak Flown from Afar (飞来峰, Fei Lai Feng). 1,600 years ago, the Indian monk Huili came to Hangzhou and looked at the peak. He said to himself, "This peak is the Eagle Hill in India. How could it fly here?"

Feilai peak

the Peak Flown from Afar (飞来峰, Fei Lai Feng)

Ji Gong (1130 - 1209), the legendary Buddhist master residing in the Lingyin Temple knows that there would be a hill flying and landing on the village near the temple very soon. He feared that this gigantic rock would destroy the whole village, so that he told the people to evacuate. However, people always thought that Ji Gong joked all the time. They held that this time his saying would be no exception, so nobody listened to his warning. Ji Gong noticed that the hill was about to come, he hurriedly run into a family, where the people were holding a wedding ceremony. He took the bride to the outside and run. The villagers went out and chased after him. At the same time, the wind was blowing very hard, and then people heard a loud bang. A hill landed in front of the Lingyin Temple and the whole village was buried below. After the disaster, people realized that Ji Gong had actually saved them from horrible death.

The Peak Flown from Afar is 168m above sea level, because the erosion had been caused by groundwater for extremely long time, many marvelous looking caves were formed in the mountain. According to people's documentation in old times, there were 72 caves, but due to the fact of the natural changes in geological structures, most of them have been disappeared. The notable existing one is the Shexu Cave (the Gleam of the Sky), if looking at the roof of the cave at proper time of the day, you will see a beam of bright sunlight shining into. Most of the 300 exquisite Buddha statues that were carved during the Song and Yuan Dynasties are found in the grottos located at the cliff below the summit, which faces the Lingyin Temple. The largest statue of the smiling Maitreya Buddha in China is the best-preserved one of its kind, it embodies the mastery of carving in the Song Dynasty.

Apart from the magnificent caves and grottos, the Peak Flown from Afar has a variety of odd stone figures, such as dragon, elephant and tiger shapes, which were naturally built. Thus the place is like an extraordinary zoo of stone carved animals. Ancient trees are seen all around the peak too.

The well known Chinese poet Su Dongpo once said that "One loves the scenery of the Peak Flown from Afar of the Lingyin Temple best, though beautiful landscape is everywhere."(溪山处处皆可庐,最爱灵隐飞来峰) A lot of treasures are waiting for you to explore and discover, and you will have a happy trip here. The Peak Flown from Afar has become one of the most frequently visited attractions in Hangzhou. It is welcomed by tourists and Buddhist followers at home and abroad.

Admission: The Fei Lai Feng Scenic Area(Containning the visiting fee of Yongfu Temple and Taoguang Temple) 45 RMB and 30 RMB for burning incense in the Lingyin Temple.

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