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Dujingsheng Silk and Brocade Museum

Zhijin(织锦) is a special colorized silk brocade with flower patterns and characters, and the flower patterns of the Zhijin are all directly painted manually. A variety of flower patterns are strongly featured with traditional characteristics of Chinese paintings. The fabrics of the silk patterns are simplified and impressive. Hangzhou Dujinsheng Silk Brocade abandons the traditional design styles of Zhijin which is of more than 2000 years of history and directly designs the fabrics and patterns from the landscape and character images pictured by camera, subsequently, the patterns are zoomed in proportionally as the final decorated patterns of Zhijin.

In May, 1922, Hangzhou Dujinsheng Silk Production Factory(杭州都锦生丝织厂) was officially established. The founder of Hangzhou Dujinsheng Silk Production Factory realized his first step of his aim at Saving State via Silk Production. From then on, Dujingsheng Silk Production Factory gradually extended its reputation at home and abroad, and in 1926, the gold medal was gained in Francisco World Expo. Its initially created silk brocade of landscape became a unique handwork of China. Boasting the marvel of Chinese craftworks between heaven and earth, appreciating the silk brocade is a kind of the great pleasure. The life-like image impresses the visitors too much.

Designers of Dujinsheng inherit and extend the silk productions of Dujinsheng, which refresh this old factory. After more than 80 years of change and experience, currently, Dujinsheng is Chinese largest silk production base in the aspect of scale. At the moment, there are more than 1,640 types of silk productions. Dujinsheng silk brocade is the representative of Hangzhou silk products famous for its delicacy of silk-making craftsmanship and magnificence of color. Its silk brocade is vividly characterized of the folk tradition. Dujinsheng Zhijin is one of Chinese famous silk brocades. Hangzhou Dujinsheng Silk and Brocade Museum collects many relevant articles.

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Zhijin technique roughly appeared in West Zhou Dynasty, around 2000 years ago. Silk Brocade of Chengdu was quite popularized and extensively used in Han Dynasty. Besides, the government also set up a special sector to manage this industry. Therefore, Chengdu is also called Jingguancheng. In 1920s, Dujinsheng of Zhejiang in the aspect of craftsmanship was also improved both in design and silk production styles. In line with the characteristics of landscape, the specific techniques were also refined in the aspect of the design styles. There are more than 30 types of flower-pattern paintings, which express thoroughly the layers and distances. Today, Dujinsheng Silk Production Factory has more than 1000 types of silk brocades and becomes the largest silk production factory of China.

Yunjin Silk Brocade(云锦)
Originally located in Nanjing, Yunjin silk brocade is featured of the cloud-like flower pattern. Equally famous with Sujin Silk Brocade and Songjin Silk Brocade, Yunjin Silk Brocade is one of Chinese Top Three Famous Silk Brocades. The patterns of Yunjin are vividly shown by its ethnic custom and local feature such as the birds and animals, flowers and fishes. Highlighted with auspicious Eight-Immortal theme and longevity, Yunjin Silk Brocade is quite welcome.

Daijin Silk Brocade(傣锦)
Daijin silk brocade mainly is the handworks weaved by women of Dai Nationality of China. Produced in Dai Nationality Area of Yunnan province, it is vividly shown the exaggerated shapes and patterns. The patterns are regularized and obviously shown of the local featured. Daijin Silk Brocade is the necessity of people of Dai Nationality. There is a special silk brocade named Jian Pa(简帕), which is the keepsake to release the love between women and men.

Zhuangjin Silk Brocade(壮锦)
Zhuangjin Silk Brocade is a kind of handmade silk products elaborately weaved by women by Zhuang Nationality. Featured with its unique patterns, gorgeous color and wear-well ethnic color, it is worldwide famous. Mainly produced in Bingyang County of Guangxi, Zhuangjin Silk Brocade is decorated with flower, birds, fishes and insects and so on. Currently, it is still popular among different ethnic groups of China and widely sold in Japan, Southeast-Asia countries and West-Europe Area.
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