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Chinese Traditional Medicine Hall of Guangxingtang

Chinese Traditional Medicine Hall of Guangxingtang, Hangzhou, China

In the ancient traditional-style building with more than 200 years of history, the old Chinese traditional doctors are looking over the patients via touching the hand pulse. This is a classic image that audiences or visitors can easily see on many media vividly showing the infinite charm and fascination of Chinese traditional medicine. 

In 2005,

Chinese Traditional Medicine Hall of Guangxingtang

, the first concerted displaying hall of Chinese traditional herbal medicine co-established by municipal hospital of Chinese herbal medicine and Association of Chinese Herbal Medication was formally built based on the original Mansion of Liang Family. This old mansion undergoing a lot of stories and years is a model to reserve and make use of ancient buildings in Hangzhou

Chinese Traditional Medicine Hall of Guangxingtang, Hangzhou, China

The above photo shows the counter in the hall of Guangxingtang.


Apart from health care and examination in Chinese medicine, visitors also can see many real objects, written documents and images in displaying hall in order to show the development history of culture of Hangzhou Chinese Medicine. In this hall, people not only can see many themed treasures passed from older generations but see many treasured articles supplied by many a warm-hearted citizen. Additionally, a lot of related experience programs with Chinese Medicine Culture such as checking via touching pulse, acupuncture, traditional massage, foot massage and herbal tea tasting and so on. 

Chinese Traditional Medicine Hall of Guangxingtang, Hangzhou, China
The mansion is full of charm for its long history and special background.

The building of Guangxintang is also full of stories and charm. It used to be the mansion of Liang Kengtang who was a famous official in Qing Dynasty. Liang Kengtang served as The Dey of Inland Water River and Minister of Legislature Department. The mansion was two-storey wooden structure with a back garden, which is a classical residential building of Hangzhou in Qing Dynasty. It is impressively featured by its orderly layout, simplified decoration and decent carving. Today, It acts as the place to show Chinese traditional medicine culture. In main hall, the historical change of Hangzhou Chinese medicine is exhibited, the specific items include medical prescriptions, ancient Chinese medicine books and herbal knives and so on. It is actually a valuable place to learn about the mystery and fascination of Chinese traditional medicine.
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