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China Tea Museum

Established in 1991,China Tea Museum is the only national museum in China that takes tea as its theme. The premises is situated at the idyllic

Longjing Tea Village

 in the beautiful West Lake Scenic Area, Hangzhou.
China National Tea Museum, the biggest tea museum in China, which is located in Hangzhou, the Capital of Tea
The blending of the old and new architectural styles are harmoniously combined with emerald-green tea field beside, thus contribute a bucolic, clean and pastoral landscape around.
The museum displays various aspects of tea culture such as the history and the diversity of tea, tea events, tea sets as well as tea customs in China.
Tour the China Tea Museum will make you feel you are a big tea world, a giant tea history book is revealed to you !
Bronze-kettleHan.china-natioal-tea-museum-original porcilain kiln
 Bronze kettle of Han Dynasty(220BC-220AD) Original porcilain kiln of Han Dynasty
china-natioal-tea-museum-yellow-glazed-small bowl.china-natioal-tea-museum-Black-Pottery-dou
 Yellow glazed small bowl (Liao Dynasty) 
Black Pottery dou(Liangzhu ancient culture of Neolithic Period)
 Celadon bowls of  Eastern Jin Dynasty(the 4th to the 5th century) Teaware
china-natioal-tea-museum-blue glaze-pot.china-natioal-tea-museum-special¬shaped-black -pottery-pot.
 Blue glaze pot (the 10th century) Black Pottery pot (Liangzhu culture 3300—2000 B.C)
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