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Leiqiong World Geopark- Haikou- Zhanjiang


Located at the two flanks of Qiongzhou Strait, South China, the 405.88 square kilometers Leiqiong World Geopark consists of China Leiqiong Global Geopark Haikou Volcanic Cluster in Haikou city, Hainan Province and Huguang Lake Global Geopark in Zhanjiang city, Guagndong Province, both belonging to Quaternary volcanic belts of China. Over 101 volcanoes scatter densely within their boundary embracing almost all types of volcanoes formed by basaltic magma and steam magma. Lava cones, debris cones and mixed cones as well as broad, low-relief Maar craters can be seen everywhere. Judging from the quantity, variety and completeness, Leiqiong World Geopark ranks as the most representative quaternary volcanic belts in China and a natural monument masterpiece of quaternary basaltic volcanology. The year 2006 saw it listed as the world geopark by UNESCO.

 Entry of China Leiqiong Global Geopark Haikou Volcanic Cluster

 Entry of Huguang Lake World Geopark

Geological Characteristics

Both China Leiqiong Global Geopark Haikou Volcanic Cluster and Huguang Lake Global Geopark boast Maar volcanoes with flat and low craters shaped by groundwater and hot lava. Huguangyan(湖光岩), Tianyang(田洋) and Qingtongyang(青桐洋)of Zhanjiang Scenic Area as well as Double Pool Ridge(双池岭), Yanghualing(杨花岭) of Haikou Scenic Area are typical Maar volcanoes, which are characterized by iconic structures include unique-shaped bases formed by volcanic surge deposit, low angle cross-bedding, long-wave bedding, sand dune, sink pits, U-shaped erosion groove, bending forms and volcanic ash balls,etc.

 Grotesque Volcanic Formation 

 the Remnants of Lava

 the Renowned Knot-shaped Volcanic Stone

 Volcanic Stones

Geological Landscape

Blessed with extremely diversified, systematic and typical volcanic landforms such as lava tunnels rare seen in the world, Leiqiong World Geopark wins the reputation as the Natural Quaternary Volcanic Museum. Sits in the area where tropical zone gives way to South Asian tropical zone, it shelters rich species of flora & fauna which embody the transitional characteristics accordingly.

Haikou City and Zhanjiang City are two tropical coastal cities with enchanting scenery and rich culture background. The most enticing scenery is brought out by the co-existence of various quaternary volcanic clusters, fertile red earth, jade green coconut forest, blue ocean and silver beach, each element complements and accentuates the other’s beauty. The palette is so colorful, harmonious and attractive than even Monet will admire it if he is still alive. 

The 2500 square kilometers Huguangyan Volcanic Museum sits 100m from west gate of Leiqiong Geopark, is an important and must-see place. It demonstrates Leizhou Island’s volcanic ecological resources, knowledge on volcanic, the evolution of species through the dynamic volcanic models, detailed description and abundant samples as well as pictures.

 Tropical Trees

 Enticing Beach Scenery

 Huguangyan Volcanic Museum

 Happy Summer Time

Main Scenic Sites of China Leiqiong Global Geopark Haikou Volcanic Cluster

China Leiqiong Global Geopark Haikou Volcanic Cluster sits in Shishan Town, 15 miles from Haikou City, Hainan Province. Covering an area of 108 square kilometers, it is one of the rare new erupted volcanic clusters in China. (10 thousand years ago). It consists of 40 volcano clusters with complete and diversified types covering almost all types of Basaltic volcanoes, with main scenic sites include Saddle Ridge Crater(马鞍岭)、Double Pool Ridge Maar volcano Maar Volcano (双池岭玛饵火山)、Luojing Plate Maar volcano Maar Volcano (罗京盘玛饵火山) and Immortal Cave(仙人洞).

Lava cones, Debris cones, mixture cones, Maar volcanoes as well as lava flows of various forms such as knot or coral are simply impressive. There are over 30 lava tunnels inside sheltering the most stunning and spectacular scene unseen anywhere in the world, and the longest lava tunnel stretches over 2000 meters long. Above the surface of volcanic cones and the Basalt stones grows over 1200 species of tropical plants. The co-existence of volcanic landscape, orchards and tropical forests brings out a unique scene, the outstanding representative of tropic city with volcanic landscape. Ancient villages shelter houses,towers and tools made of volcanic stones sheding light on ancient volcanic culture.
Saddle Ridge Crater Scenic Site(马鞍岭火山口景区)

Saddle Ridge Crater Scenic Site (also known as Crater Park), constituting of four volcanoes inside: South Cone Wind Furnace Ridge(南锥风炉岭), North Cone Bun Ridge(北锥包子岭) and two little volcanic mountains named as “holly baby volcanoes”, these four mountains make up a perfect dormant volcano family. Stepping into this site, you will fell like enter a volcanic museum.

Saddle Ridge Crater

The 222.8-meters-high Saddle Ridge Crater is the highest peak of Leiqiong Geopark, the latest dormancy crater in China and one of the best preserved dormancy crater in the world. It is 90 meters in depth, with 130meters inner diameter.

The 222.8-meters-high Saddle Ridge Crater is the highest peak of Leiqiong Geopark

Double Pool Ridge Maar Volcano & Luojing Plate Maar Volcano

With a diameter of 1000 meters, Luojing Plate Maar Volcano has a round and flat crater surrounded by radial and multi-layered pastoral scenery. 

Comprising two neighboring craters, Double Pool Ridge Maar volcano was once a Maar lake, but now, it turned into a dry land due to the sink of underground water and human activities.
Located Northwest of Stone Hill Saddle Ridge, it is the smallest Maar volcano among Leihu Ridge’s volcanic clusters. It consists of two twin volcanoes ( the East and West ridge are 93m and 105m in height respectively) with inner diameter of 130-300m and 15m in depth. The rare seen Double Pool Ridge Maar Volcano was born at the same time with Huguangyan( 湖光岩) , which is of high aesthetic and study value. 

Double Pool Ridge Maar Volcano

Luojing Plate Maar Volcano

Immotal Cave

More than 10 thousand years ago, Haikou City underwent a fierce volcanic eruption. The piled lava is eroded by wind and water before it adopts various bizarre shapes, constituting the rare scenery of quaternary volcanic clusters which looks like pearls embedded into the green kingdom of tropical forest. Strolling along the area, you can enjoy the marvelous scene of luxuriant tropical forest, the labyrinth of lava caves as well as deep and mysterious caves.
Immortal Cave is divided into dozens of lava caves due to the collapse of its upper part, some caves resemble spacious dining room, some look like grotesque palaces. When sunshine pours into the caves, the dark caves are transformed into the most beautiful and mysterious ones magically. This volcanic cave is divided into upper and lower part. Its lower part shelters caves within caves , thus creating a maze. Various lava stone formations hanging along the walls and the water drops fall on different stones, producing various and fascinating tones.

Main Scenic Sites of Huguang Lake Global Geopark

China-Germany Sister Maar Lakes Memorial Plate

Huguangyan Maar Lake and Germany Maar Lake in Eiffil Area are non-renewable ecological resources on earth and the natural museum for people to study the ancient climate as well as environment, the golden key to unveil the mystery of earth. Both lakes are the first place for scientists there initiate the study of Maar lake, and both are world-renowned volcanic ecological scenery resources.

Mirror Lake

Located within Huguangyan Garden area, Mirror Lake was formed from 16 thousand to 14 thousand years ago by volcanic eruption. Covering an area of 2.23 square kilometers, it is the biggest and best preserved Maar volcanic lake in the world. With an average depth of 18 meters, it reaches 40 meters in the deepest part and boasts more than 400 meters’ volcanic sediment deposits containing over 60 kinds of minerals. This rare and representative lake formed by quaternary volcanic boasts high aesthetic and geological study value. The water is suitable for drinking, which is crystal blue, so clear and transparent that you cannot help holding your breath when stare at it.

Recording the change of temperate, waterfall amount and typhoon, the evolution of plants as well as human activities during the past 14 thousand years, it is famed as the natural encyclopedia. The high ratio of negative oxygen ions in this area makes it a perfect spa site. The mud of this lake is the ideal facial musk material, which can moisturize the skin and anti-aging.

There are nine mysterious things about this lake: there is no dust near water surface because it can self clean within 5 hours, no falling leaves, no leech, no frog, no snake, the lake sprouts water automatically and has giant turtles which saved many people fell into the lake many times. Besides, this lake has magnetic field, and its center is lower than its surrounding area.
In octerber,2004, Huguangyan Maar Lake and Germany Maar Lake, the most representative maar lakes in the world became sister lake after the cooperation contract.

the Legendary Mirror Lake: the Largest and Best-Preserved Maar Lake in the World, Sister Lake of Gemany Maar Lake in Effil Area

Xuwen Sandun Turtle Stone

Situated within Huguangyan Garden, Xuwen Sandun Turtle Stone is famous for its vividness and high scientific study value. Its uniqueness mirrors the geological construction is different here compared with other parts of Leizhou Island when the volcanic erupted.

Stone Gate

At the entry of Leiqiong World Geopark lies a gate paved with volcanic stones. Stone gate is a popular practice in local area. Ancient villages all adopt them as the first defense. Legend has it that once there were giant barbarians harrasing the villages, and they have difficulty in entering the low stone gates, when villiagers found this secret, they built low stoen gate to defend themselves.

Metasequoia Forest

Metasequoia forest near Huguangyan Garden boasts extremely refreshing air, which is named as the natural oxygen bar. It is an ideal place to have tea with friends.

Poetry Gallery

Situated right of Lengyan Temple(楞严寺), Huguangyan Garden area, it boasts a large number of poetry since ancient times. Catering to the ups and downs of terrain, it ascends step by step vertically, while the elegant and original crooked galleries bring depth to the space, making it more charming. 

Meishe Village (Beautiful Community Village)

Located in volcanic area, this village suffers insufficient water source. Thanks to the dwellers’ awareness of environment protection, Meishe Villiage is blessed with ancient trees and good plantation, and ancient customs and culture relating to volcanoes.

 Stone Mill

 Stone Containers

 Glimpse of Meishe Village

 Stone Sculpture

Yellow Blossom Pear Tree, Hainan Tapestry (Hainan Woven Embroidery) and Hainan ceramics (those ceramics are the ones sank to sea when exported to foreign countries in ancient times accidentally, which are of high value) are named the Three Treasures of Hainan Province.

When it comes to trees, High Mountain Banyan is very special, it can develop from one single tree into a forest as time passes by, while Chongyang tree is famed as the Handsome of tree for its robust and vigor, and Kapok tree is named as the hero tree for its blossom is burning red like the hero’s red blood.

Speaking of animals, Stone Goat, partridge, squirrel, boa, turtle, Pheasant,Huangjing,etc live in this geopark happily.

Travel Tips : China Leiqiong Global Geopark Haikou Volcanic Cluster

Entry Fee: 60RMB

BUS: Get on Number 1、2、3、6、7、16、17、24、28、33、35Bus, and get off at Jungong Station(军供站), Xiuying Station(秀英小街站)or Haibo City Station(海波市场站下车), then take a taxi to to China Leiqiong Global Geopark Haikou Volcanic Cluster.
Taxi: You can negoticate

It usually takes 2-3 hours for you to tour this site, and the latest bus will leave at 17:00pm.

Best Travel Season: all year around

 sea urchin stewed with egg

 stew sea cucumber


 Zongzi(pyramid-shaped mass of glutinous rice wrapped in leaves )

 Stone Hill Mutton, the Most Delicious Local Speciality Dish

Travel Tips: Huguang Lake Global Geopark

Entry Fee:

Opening Hour: 8am to 10pm

Sevice: there are free wheelchair, walk sticks, umbrellas, flat shoes and medicine available. Tourists Center provides comprehensive services include hosting service of luggage, consultancy, entertainment activities, etc.

Best Travel Season: all year around

Further Tips: What is the Best Shopping Place at Haikou City

Buy local Specialties
Go to Haixiu Avenue(海秀大道), the most prosperous street of Haikou city. Located near Haikou Hotel, Haixiu Avenue boasts many shops selling local specialties include pear, crystal, Hawksbill, Xinglong Coffee, pepper powder, bull horn carving,coconut candy, coconut handicrafts.

 Local Speciality: Coconut Shell Scupltures

 Local Speciality: Xionglong Coffee



 Hawksbill Sculptures(玳瑁)


 Bull Horn Sculpture

 Bull Horn Sculpture

Buy Sea Food
Go to Da Dong Gate Market(Da Dong Men,大东门)
It is the distribution area of sea food, with most complete types and good price.

Buy Fruits
Go to White Dragon Fruits Wholesaling Market(白龙南水果批发市场)
this market contain the most eye-dazzling tropical fruits include mango, pineapple, coconut, durain.
Three Treasures of Hainan Provine

The Precious  Hainan Ceramics from Sea Bottom


 Hainan Tapestry (Hainan Woven Embroidery)


The Precious Furnitures Made of Yellow Blossom Pear Tree 

Yuanyang Travel Tips
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