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China Top Ten Most Beautiful Islands


No.1. Xisha Islands(西沙群岛) Score: 86.2


Feature: Xisha Islands tops the list as the most beautiful island clusters in China. They sparkle as a string of necklace amidst the turquoise South Sea, or a giant oyster containing 7 pearls. The sea water is so pristine and clean that you can see corals in the shallow bay and fish swimming 40m below the sea water. The underwater world enchants for an amazing variety of corals, fish and other aquatic species. 127 species of corals call this place home. Xisha irrefutably makes a perfect tropical heaven near the equator.
Xisha Islands form an open-air tropical botanic garden and zoo, homing to over 60,000 sea birds.
Add: Northeast of the South Sea
When to go: October to August (March to May is the golden period, Aug to Oct marks the typhoon season.)

 xisha island map

Map of Xisha Island (click to enlarge)

No.2. Weizhou Island涠洲岛(广西北海)


Feature: 21km south of Beihai city is the Weizhou Island, the biggest island in Guangxi and the second most beautiful island in China.

Weizhou is also China’s youngest volcanic island. Weizhou Island enjoys a tropical climate. However, it enjoys the fewest amount of rainfall, yet boasts the highest ratio of heat across this province. Once in, plenty of sights and activities await. Snorkeling, diving, fishing, surfing, sea food tasting, sunbathing, etc. The last volcanic eruption occurred around 30,000 years ago. The sediments blended with the coral reefs. Weizhou Island splits into the northern and southern part. The hilly and soaring northern area is a nice contrast with the sprawling and spacious southern part.
weizhou island map
Map of Weizhou Island  (click to enlarge)

Get around:
The majority of attractions gather at the western beach. Head to its north beach directly, which features the cleanest sea water and relatively fewer tourists.

Nanwan (South Bay) Town: Hotels, markets, motor car-rental shops and restaurants abound. It is a perfect hub to recharge. Wine and dine, shop and rent bikes or a motor bike here.

When to go
May, June, September and November are perfect time to go. It is less crowded. The weather is nice.

March to June: Weizhou Island is at its breathtakingly best. It is tranquilizing during this period also.

July to August: Indulge yourself in the most colorful activities

July to September: Weizhou Island suffers from frequent typhoons. Bring you sun screen, sun glasses and swimming suites.
weizhou island map
Map of Weizhou Island (Click to enlarge)

No.3. Nansha Island沙群岛以永暑礁太平岛等为代表(南海)


Among China’s four main islands in the South Sea, Nansha Island is the biggest and southernmost. It also has the largest concentration of coral reefs. Zengmu Ansha(曾母暗沙) marks the southernmost tip of China’s territory. Nansha Island is a prominent ocean getaway to Southeast Asian countries include Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippine. Among its 230 islands, islets, peninsula and shoals, only one fifth of them float above the sea.
nansha island map

Map of Nansha Island (Click to enlarge)

No.4. Penghu Island(Taiwan)


Penghu Island, nicknamed as the “Grandma’s Bay”, evokes a tender and nostalgia feeling, about our childhood, just as its nakesake popular song depicted. Tourists opt for the northern and southern routes. The northern route is characterized by night fishing, snorkeling, yachting, sand valley, while the southern route exposes one into the local ethnic lifestyle. Motor bikes make the most popular vehicle to get around. Penghu Island is connected by cruise liner from various ports in Taiwan. It is a 4.5h boat trip from Magong to Kaohsiung(高雄),3.5h from Qimei (七美) to Kaohsiung(高雄)

No.5. Nanji Island南麂岛(浙江温州)


A beautiful island from Wenzhou city, Zhejiang province, Nanji Island consists of 52 islets. It is China’s only state-level ocean nature reserve (sea shells and sea weeds). The 75 sights here are rather spread out. Nanji Island is strewn with relics, testifying to its past as a military area of Zheng Chenggong. Jun to Sep is the best time to visit. July to Aug is the peak season. Book hotels in advance. Nanji Island is subject to occasional typhoon during summer. Sanpanwei(三盘尾) is the most beautiful part. Come early so you can enjoy this place to the fullest.

 nanji island

nanji island

No.6. Changdao Island (Shangdong) 庙岛列岛(山东长岛)


Feature: Wedged between the Niaodong Peninsula and Bohai Bay is Changdao Island scenic resort, which consists of 32 islands. Mountain, sea and islands.
Things to do
Sightseeing, bird watching, feed sea dogs, kayaking, sea food, homestay, camping...
When to go: Apr to Nov
Apr to middle Jun: The biggest number of sea birds and sea dogs
Jul to late Aug: It is the peak travel season. Swimming is the biggest draw.
Middle Sep to Oct: sea food is at their best.
changdao island shandong
map of changdao island shandong
Map of Changdao Island, Shandong

7、Mt Putuo Island 普陀山岛(浙江)


Feature: Just south of Shanghai and part of the Zhoushan Archipelago, Putoushan Island is one of the four holy Buddhist Mountains in China. It is the China westerners all dream about: mountains, monasteries, pagodas, arched bridges, pagodas, monks, sea food, and pious devotees. Mt Putuo is getting touristier. So avoid the weekends.

The picturesque and pristine Putuo Island is a shrine to Guanyin (the Goddess of Mercy). The air is fresh, the scenery is intoxicating. The giant statue of Guanyin towering above the unending flow of pilgrims, is majestic.
The resonating and solemn chanting gives Putuo Island a little weight. It is not merely another tourist trap, but remains a realm of Buddhism, despite of the crowds and chaos.

When to go:
Jul, Aug and Sep: Best time to enjoy sea, sand, and beach
Oct: Best time to enjoy sea food
Feb 19, Jun 19 and Sep 19(lunar calendar): Best time to observe the religious rituals. Feb 19 is the birthday of Guanyin, Jun 19 is the day Guanyin becomes a Buddha and Sep 19 is the day Guanyin entering nirvana
Putuo Mountain + Luojia Mountain Tour, Buddhist Kingdom on the sea

No. 8 Dayushan Island大嵛山(福建福鼎)


Dayushan Island is still off the radar of tourists. It is located in Xiapu of Fujian province, southeast China. It is a crossroad where mountain greets sea, grasslands mingle with lakes. Extraordinary sea food, bird and scenery steal countless visitors’ heart.
dayushan island china ten most beautiful islands

dayushan island china ten most beautiful islands
dayushan island china ten most beautiful islands
dayushan island china ten most beautiful islands

 Map of Dayushan Island  (Click to enlarge)



No. 9.Nanding Island 林进屿、南碇岛(福建漳州)


Nanding Island from ZHangzhou city of Fujian is the 9th most beautiful island in China. This 1.16sq m island was the place where Lin Jin, a famous scholar from the Ming Dynasty, studied. Its biggest draw is 1,4million vertical rock columns. The facade of these rocks is honeycombed with birds’ nests.

No. 10 Hailing Island of Yangjiang, Guangdong 海陵岛(广东阳江)


2 hours’ drive away from guangzhou,1.5h from Zhuhai is Hailing Island, which is dubbed as “the Oriental Hawaii”. This gem off the north bank of the South Sea features untouched beach and pristine sea. Hailing Island is highlighted with Ten Miles Silver Beach, the world’s biggest sea bathing beach, and the Song Dynasty City with 53 quaint royal buildings. Any beach pastime can be found here, such as diving, swimming, and snorkeling. Dragon Boat Festival (May 5, lunar calendar) and Yangjiang Kite Festival (Sep 9,lunar calendar) are not to be missed.
Author: Sophia Lee   Posted on Jun 23, 2014  All Rights Reserved
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