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Five-Lord Memorial

Five Lord Memorial, Haikou, Hainan, China
Five-Lord Memorial is built to commemorate five famous historical figures in Tang and Song Dynasty.

Traditionally, Five-Lord Memorial(五公祠) boasts the highlighted tourist attraction of history and culture in Hainan(海南) Province. Five-Lord Memorial is a red wooden tower with elaborate structure and design, and generally we also call it Top Tower in Hainan. This tower is more than 10 meters high and has two storeys. It is the typical traditional tower. There is a couple of couplet which brings a lot of reputation.



It is an important cultural and historical site to learn more about the tradition.
Five Lord Memorial, Haikou, Hainan, China

There are Xuepu Hall(学圃堂) and Five-Lord Study Hall(五公精舍) on the right side of Five-Lord Memorial. Xuepu Hall is the old site where Guo WanXiang, a famous scholar, taught students. Five-Lord Study Hall is the place where the learners or students of late Qing Dynasty studied poetry and essays as well as Four Books and Five Classics. Two wing-rooms are both the wooden architecture with the typical style of Ming and Qing Dynasty. Guo Wanxiang brought 800 books to Hainan and changed Five-Lord Tower to be Five-Lord Library. Subsequently, the books remained some after several generations' experiences. Later, Xuepu Hall and Five-Lord Study Hall are all resurfaced by government, and more cultural antiques are also displayed, such as The Forbidden Bell of Ming Dynasty(明代禁钟), Ancient Copper Drum of Li Minority Nationality(黎族古代铜鼓) and ceramic kiln of Xuande(宣德炉).
Lord Su Memorial, Haikou, Hainan, China
The Lord Su Memorial is just next to the Five-Lord Memorial and Sushi is widely known in China.

►Lord Su Memorial(苏公祠)
On the east side of Five-Lord Memorial, it is Lord Su Memorial to memorize Su Shi(苏轼) who was the great literature master of Song Dynasty. There are the Double Springs and Dongzhuo Pavilion in the memorial. This is a classical garden. It is the Qiongyuan Garden on the left side of Lord Su Memorial, and in this garden, there are Fusu Spring, Suquan Spring and Pavilion of Washing Heart. Near to Fusu Spring, there is a stone stele standing. Above the Fusu Spring, it is Suquan Pavilion and Pavilion of Washing Heart, which were built by Ye Rulan of Qing Dynasty and Weng Ruyu of Ming Dynasty according to a poem created by Su Shi.

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