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Qingyan Ancient Town

Situated in the south suburb of Guiyang, the over 600-year-old Qingyan Ancient Town is one of the Top Four Ancient Towns of Guizhou, just like Zhenyuang, Bing’an and Longli. Due to its geographical location, it served as a key military fortress and trade hub during Ming and Qing dynasties. Clusters of well-preserved residences spread out along one main avenue of this undulating town, which is intervened here and there with round domed churches, fabulous archways and aged temples, which are the remnants testifying to its faded legacy. As an out-of-the-way resort, Qingyan Ancient Town is not over commercialized and suitable for an afternoon stroll.
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One peculiar phenomenon here is that various religions co-exist. It is a place where Buddhism monasteries, Taoism temples, Catholic churches and Christian churches rub shoulder with each other, so do not feel surprised to hear the chorus escaping from the churches blend in with the chanting inside of temples.
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Qingyan Ancient Town: During the 1930s, Qingyan Ancient Town was the haven for the father of Zhou Enlai and the mother of Deng Yinchao as well as China revolutionary army.
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In Qingyan Ancient Town, there are one courtyard, one mansion, two ancestral halls, three caves, five pavilions, eight temples and nine monasteries . Though many are left in disrepair, these architecture complexes are very imposing, delicate and full of charm.

As a place where occident meets orient, ancient greets modern and Confucianism encounters revolutionary spirits, Qingyan Ancient Town is anything but commonplace. Essentially, it resembles the various foods sold at the stalls and shops along the alleys: authentic, spicy, sensational, appetizing, memorable and even addictive.
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Qingyan Ancient once shelters 8 memorial arches during the past, among which three still erect undamaged. This archway is denoted to one widow who never get married again, her deed was viewed as virtuous according to the dominating morality during the feudal society

Qingyan Ancient Town is a world of stones, weathered, silent, mysterious. It draws you with unknown forces and yet keeps the distance with dignity. Under it barren appearance dwells a rich culture kingdom.
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 Qingyan Ancient Town has 5 city gates and consists of outer and inner area. There are 4 main avenues and 26 lanes. Belonging to Karst topography, Guiyang is hilly, rugged and forested. Stones call be found everywhere. Local people make the best out of stones, they build everything from it.

Every household has its own garden, which instills color and life into this place. To outsiders, they will be bewitched by the crisscrossing lanes, churches, archways, architectures and the extremely spicy food. To local people, Zhuangyuan Mansion, the former residence of Zhao Yijiong(1857-1907), is the apple in their eye.
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Except Han people, 10 ethnic groups include Miao, Buyi, Dong and Zhuang live in Guiyang.

Zhao Yijiong, the first Zhuangyuan(the person who won the first during Imperial Examination) in Guizhou province, is a legendary figure born in a legendary family. Before Zhao Yijiong, there had been not a single Zhuangyuan in Yunnan and Guizhou during the past 500 years. He has 3 brothers, who all won a title during the Imperial Examination, which was really rare seen. Even today, many parents will bring their children here to pray for good luck during examinations. Built during mid Qing dynasty, the over 300-hundred-year old Zhuangyuan Mansion has two courtyard complexes encompassing an area of over 1000 square meters. It is a place where you can have a glimpse of ancient scholar’s life.
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The Mansion of Zhao Yijiong
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Batik Artworks
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Guiyang Intangible Heritage Museum
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Batik art gallery
Travel Tips
Location: 29km from downtown Guiyang

Admission Fee: 40¥

Opening Hours: 8:00am -18:00pm

Weather: it belongs to subtropical monsoon climate, thus is suitable for travel all year around. Annual average temperature: 14℃-15℃

Bus: take bus from Guiyang city, and you will reach it within 50 minutes.
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