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Qianlin Park and Hongfu temple

Qianlin Park

  is located in the northwest corner of Guiyang city, and is named by the Qianling Mountain. It is considered as a comprehensive toursim park in Guiyang. From the Wangzhu Pavilion(望筑亭)on the mountain top, you can get a bird's-eye view of Guiyang. 

The elders are playing Taiji in Qianlin park, Guiyang City
The elders are playing Taiji in Qianlin park(黔林公园).

Qianlin Moutain(黔林山) has been developed over more than 600 years and the park nowadays becomes one of the favorite gather place for the local citizens. Therefore, you can appreciate the local lifestyle here. The elderly usually do exercises here in the morning. Some of them are practicing Chinese Taiji, some are doing sword dancing, some others just climb mountains to keep fitness and health. 

The elders are playing sword dancing in Qianlin park, Guiyang City
The elders are doing sword dancing in Qianlin park(黔林公园).

There are more than 1500 kinds of trees as well as 1000 kinds of rare flowers and herbs growing in the mountain. Aother highlight here is the groups of monkeys and a variety of birds which inhabit here. You can see them when you climb the mountain. How interesting! 

The cute monkeys in Qianlin Mountain,Guiyang
The cute monkeys in Qianlin Mountain

The Hongfu Temple at the mountain top,Guiyang
The Hongfu Temple(弘福寺) at the mountain top

Hongfu Temple

  is the most famous attractions here at the mountain top. It is an ancient architectural complex built in the early Qing Dynasty. A number of visitors will reach the temple by mountain climbing, burn incense and pray.
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