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White Water Kayaking,Canoeing,Rafting Adventures in China

No.1. Shapotou (Yinchuan of Ningxia) 沙坡头


Explore Yellow River by sliding down a boat made of sheep skin is a lifelong experience. You will choose any section in Qinghai, Gansu or Ningxia province. As you surf the rapids of Yellow River, you will feel like a hero.
White Water Kayaking Canoeing Rafting Adventures China
White Water Kayaking Canoeing Rafting Adventures China

No.2. Minjiang River Rafting (Sichuan—Wenchuan) 岷江漂流


Mingjiang River Rafting starts from Red Army Bridge (红军桥) of Wenchuan County and ends at the Qipangou(七盘沟). The 9km long rafting takes 30min to 50min.

The fee is RMB 168 by 2013. Minjiang River is the biggest tributary of the Yangtze River. It originates in the south face of Minshan Hill, and passes along Sichuan and the Chengdu Plain. It empties into the Yangtze River at Yibin City.Minjiang River Rafting will take you along Tibetan and Qiang tribal villages.
White Water Kayaking Canoeing Rafting Adventures China Min River Rafting

No.3. Maling River 马岭河


Maling River is tucked away in southwest China’s Xingyi city of Guizhou province. This 50-plus km long rafting course features 80 rapids, 70+ pools and over 60 sharp bends and twists. Furthermore, there is an earth crack rafting meandering over 30km long in the downstream. This crack is famed as “the most beautiful scar on earth”. Maling River Rafting is exhilarating and challenging. A perfect getaway into nature during summer.
Maling River is 334km from Guiyang and 321km from Kunming.
White Water Kayaking Canoeing Rafting Adventures China Maling River Rafting

No.4. Maoyan River Rafting (Zhangjiajie)茅岩河漂流(湖南—张家界)


Maoyan River Rafting spans 18km long and has a relative height of 66m. You will pass 55 rapids. Flanking the course are lush hills and villages. Nearby sights include Kuzhu Village, a thousand-year-old village, and the 100km long Jade Emperor Grottoes
Entrance Fee:RMB 160
Operation Hour: 8:00-18:00
Rafting time: 3hours
White Water Kayaking Canoeing Rafting Adventures China Maoyan River Rafting

White Water Kayaking Canoeing Rafting Adventures China Maoyan River Rafting

No.5. Little Three Gorges Rafting小三峡(重庆)


There are two ways to enjoy the Little Three Gorges Rafting: You can start from Pinghe(平河)and enjoy the whole course. The price is RMB 180 to 200 per person. Negotiation is impossible, because it is monopolized. The whole length will take 4 to 5 hours. Pay a fee of RMB 30, you can hire someone to paddle the boat for you. You are suggested to arrive at Pinghe earlier. Do not bring your camera during the rafting, or your cellphone.

For those short in time, you can pick the large, also most wonderful section of this rafting: San Cheng Xia Gorge(三撑峡). In half an hour, you can experience the dramatic landscape and exciting rafting experience. The quaint Dachang Old Town, Suspension Coffins along cliffs and ancient walkways add much mystery to the outdoor activity.

If you have more time, try the the Yangtze River rafting, which is famous for many Class IV rapids snaking their way through this 120 mile stretch of the Great Bend of Yangtze River, making it one of the most majestic pieces of one of the world’s greatest rivers.
whitewater kayaking canoeing rafting china little three gorges

No.6. Jiuwanxi Stream Rafting (Yichang of Hubei province)九畹溪漂流(湖北—宜昌)

Jiuwanxi Stream Rafting is located in the south bank of the Yangtze River, 20km from the Three Gorges Dam and 50km from Zigui of Hubei province. Jiuwanxi Stream offers 12.42 raftable miles of pristine wilderness. It takes 2.5 to 3 hours. This rafting is famed as the best rafting along the Three Gorges.
Fee: RMB 130 to 180
whitewater kayaking canoeing rafting china jiuwan stream

No.7. Nanxi River Rafting (Wenzhou of Zhejiang province)


Fee: RMB 20 to RMB 100
Nanxi River features 36 shoals and 72 bays. The river is spacious and peaceful. The water level ranges from 1m to several meters deep. You will get a up and close look of mountains and villages along the way.

No.8. Zijiang River Rafting(Guilin) 资江(广西—桂林)


Zijiang River Rafting spans 22,5km. You can take an inflatable boat, or rubber dinghy(橡皮艇), wooden boat or bamboo raft. The rafting passes 48 shoals, 31 bends and over 60 wonderful sights.
Fee: wooden boat: RMB 90/person
6-seat inflatable boat :RMB 500,3-seat inflatable boat: RMB 350
Operation Hour: 7:00—16:00
Get in: take bus from Guilin Bus Station.
Shuttle buses schedule: 7:40,9:20,11:20,13:20,14:40,16:40
Operation hour: 6:00-17:50 depart at every 20min.
whitewater kayaking canoeing rafting china

No.9. Shandong Underground Valley Rafting山东地下大峡谷激情漂流(山东—沂水)


8km southwest of Xinshui County of Shandong hides Shangdong Underground Valley, which spans 6100m long. Half of this area is open to tourists. This karst cave was formed over two billion years ago. This rafting is called China's most thrilling underground valley rafting. By present, the raft course is no more than 1000m, but will be extended to over 25oom in the near future.
Fee: RMB 96

No.10. Wanquan River Bamboo Rafting (Hainan)万泉河漂流(海南—烟园)


Wanquan River Bamboo Rafting course spans 163km. Wanquan River is the 3rd longest river of Hainan Island. This 15km long rafting course takes 3 hours. It starts from Yanyuan (烟园) to Huishan Township (会山乡). You will pass along beautiful villages and tropical orchards
Operation hour: 8:00—21:00
12-Seat inflatable boat
whitewater kayaking canoeing rafting china
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