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Liusanjie Landscape Park

Located in downtown Guilin, Liusanjie Landscape Park(刘三姐大观园) is a theme park devoted to Liu Sanjie and Miao, Zhuang, Yao and Dong ethnic groups. Delving into this living museum of ethnic architecture, attires, ornaments, drums and performances, you will be left spellbound. Rather than standing by as a spectator, you can experience the best of ethnic Guilin in one place through various exciting activities. Time your visit during night, so you can get the best out of this stopover.
liusanjie landscape parkliusanjie landscape park
Fireworks Display during Bonfire Party Yao and Miao Girls
liusanjie landscape parkliusanjie landscape park
Drum Tower of Dong people   Liusanjie Landscape Park

As we know, Zhuang people are notable for myriad songs and Gexu Festival (Song Festival), Miao people are famous for silver ornaments, Lusheng Dance, Golden Pheasant Dance and assorted festivals including Lusheng Festival, Sisters’ Meal Festival and Miao New Year, Dong people are renowned for Wind-Rain Bridges, Drums Towers and Kam Grand Choirs. In Liusanjie Landscape Park, you can see and feel the essence of them through your own perspective.

When arrived, a group of Zhuang, Yao, Miao and Dong girls and lads will greet you with exotic Bamboo Pole Dance. Underlying this fascinating dance is the auspicious meaning: success in career and life. On the Love Song Contest Stage, you can sing songs with a richly-dressed “Liu Sanjie”. She will throw an embroidered ball to the crowd, the one who catch it will be her bridegroom. In Mo Family Mansion and Aniu ‘s House, you can see the scenes from the classic move Liu sanjie (the counterpart of Titanic), acrobatics , rooster fight, and stunt shows like venturing onto the ladders composed of blade steps or stamping on the fire. Mo Family Mansion also offers amazing culinary experience as various local snacks abound.

Top 10 Cool things to do

1 Sing the love song with a beautiful “Liu Sanjie”, join in the courtesy ritual of Throw Embroidered Ball and if lucky, you can be a bridegroom
liusanjie landscape parkliusanjie landscape park
"Liusanjie" is waiting for you to sing songs with heron this plaque, you can read the lyrics, but it is in Chinese

2 experience Zhuang and Yao people’s wedding ceremony, "get married" for one hour in Zhuang style
liusanjie landscape parkliusanjie landscape park
liusanjie landscape parkliusanjie landscape park

3 walk to the ethnic cultural corridor to beat the 108 traditional music instruments of Dong people, this can bring luck and longevity to you
liusanjie landscape parkliusanjie landscape park
liusanjie landscape parkliusanjie landscape park

4 participate in Zhuang people’s singing contest

5 see the Rooster Fight. Use 10¥, you can try your luck

6 watch the three grand folk singing and dancing performances staged daily here

7 sample local snacks, gourmet and pastries in Mo Family Mansion
liusanjie landsacpe parkliusanjie landsacpe park
liusanjie landsacpe parkliusanjie landsacpe park

8 enjoy grotesque rocks on the stone exhibition

9 join in the Bonfire Party and dance with handsome lads and beautiful girls

10 join in the Torch Festival, watch the fireworks display

Travel guide

Admission Fee: 100¥ Operation period: 8:00-21:00
Advised tour time: 3 hours
Address: No 3, Taohuajiang Road, Xiufeng District, Guilin
Get in: Bus 14 or 89. (get off at Shengliqiao station, go ahead for 100m.

Extended Reading

Story of Liusanjie

Many versions prevail as to the story of Liusanjie, among which the most popular one goes like this. Liusanjie is a legendary figure hailing from Loucheng, Guangxi in Tang Dynasty. With humbling background, she is a gifted Zhuang nationality singer of exceptional wit and beauty. During numerous love song meetings, she met a lad named Aniu and they fell in love. A playboy named Mo Hairen coveted the beauty of Liu Sanjie and schemed to ruin their relationship. As a rich and open-minded landlord, Mo Hairen’s father prevented his son. One night, when Liusanjie and Aniu were singing the love songs near a river, Mo Hairen leaded a group of villains to take Liusanjie away. This trapped ill-fated lovers had no choice but to jump into the cliff. To commemorate them, Zhuang people accredit Liusanjie as the Goddess of Singing and set up Sanyuesan Festival for her sake. In Liusanjie Landscape Park, you can see the revived scenes and photos of Liusanjie and Aniu, their houses and dating sites.
liusanjie landscape park
Aniu is the lover of Liu Sanjie.
This quaint architecture belongs to Stilt House. The first floor is for livestock, the second floor is for living and the third floor is for storage. Cool in summer and warm in winter, Stilt House can keep animals, snacks and thieves at bay. This most ancient Stilt House is found in Yuyao County, Zhejiang, which dates to over 7000 years ago.
liusanjie landscape park
 drum tower of dong people
Drum Tower is the activity hub and spiritual sanctuary of Dong people.
Within this multi-layered wooden architecture, Dong people discuss important issues, sing the Kam Grand Choirs (UNESCO World Heritage) and find their soul mates here. If you cannot make it to Zhaoxing Dong Village to enjoy their songs, this place will make a substitute.
long drum dance of yao people
Long Drum of Yao people: Long Drum is invented to commemorate Panwang, an ancient hero of Yao people. One day, Panwang was knocked off by a goat accidentally and fell into a cliff.
To show grief, his children killed the goat and used its skin to cover the drum. On the 16th day of the tenth lunar month, Panwang Festival, the grandest celebration of Yao people, will see the most fabulous Long Drum Dance performance take place. Long Drums even have gender, the one in this park is a male drum. (Female Long Drum is short and thick, while Male Long Drum is long and slim
bronze drumbronze drum
Bronze Drum of Zhuang people: used during ancestral worship ceremonies, festival celebrations and wartime, Bronze Drum is a culture symbol shared by Zhuang, Yao, Miao and Dong people.
Zhuang people center on Guangxi, in particular, view it as a holy totem. Among the 1600 bronze drums on earth, 1400 are in China, among which 500 are distributed in Guangxi. Clusters of bronze drums are displayed artistically in this park.
The face of a bronze drum symbolizes heaven (the abode of gods and deities), the body represents the earth and the legs metaphors the underground world where dragons rule. Sun and frogs, the iconic motifs engraved on these bronze drums, reflecting the ancient faiths of Zhuang people. The sun symbolizes power while the frogs, the sons of God of Thunder, will answer their call during the Rain Pray Ceremony.
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