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Jinkeng Rice Terraces

In the mountainous area of Heping Township, Longsheng County sits Jinkeng Rice Terraces(金坑梯田), a tranquil heaven inhabited by Red Yao people. Together with Ping’an Zhuang Village, they form the two most important parts of Longsheng Rice Terraces.
jinkeng rice terraces
 Constructed during Yuan Dynasty(1206-1368), Jinkeng Rice Terraces features unspoiled ecological system and well-preserved Yao ethnic culture and lifestyles. Its sublime beauty is enriched by the alteration of seasons and weather conditions.
 Encompassing over 10km2, Jinkeng Rice Terraces comprises over 20 villages and hamlets, among which notable ones including Dazhai Village and Tian Tou Village. During the past centuries, Jinkeng Rice Terraces remains obscure and anonymous due to its remoteness. However, this situation is going to be changed forever. Since 1994, a girl came here to take some photos for National Geography. The following years saw this site begin to draw international attention thanks to her photos capturing the surreal and breathtaking scenery here.
jinkeng rice terraces
What are the main attractions of Jinkeng Rice Terraces?

The top four scenic sites of Jinkeng Rice Terraces are: Seven Star Accompanying the Moon, Xishan Shaoyue(No 1 Viewpoint), Thousand-Layer Rice Terraces ( No 2 Viewpoint)and Golden Buddha Summit (No 3 Viewpoint). All of these scenic sites sit atop of different mountains elevated from 900m to 1100m. Once you reach the summit, you will be awarded with spellbinding panoramic view.
jinkeng rice terraces
jinkeng rice terraces
Where to see Torch Festival in Jinkeng Rice Terraces

Seven Stars Accompanying the Moon
Do all the main attractions center on Tiantou Village?

Yes, they are, hence you had better stay in Tiantou Village. It borders Xishan Shaoyue(No 1 Viewpoint) on the left, Thousand-Layer Rice Terraces ( No 2 Viewpoint)on the right, Seven Star Accompanying the Moon at the foot and overlooks Golden Buddha Summit (No 3 Viewpoint) in walking distance.
What are the accommodation conditions of hotels in Tiantou Village?

Hotels in Tiantou Village belong to wooden stilt houses, which are equipped with independent bathrooms, TVs and hot water. It is very comfortable to live in.
jinkeng rice terraces
jinkeng rice terraces
jinkeng rice terraces
jinkeng rice terraces
What are the ideal places to see sunrise and sunset here?

You can watch sunrise in the four main scenic sites of Jinkeng Rice Terraces. Since Jinkeng are surrounded by hills elevated at 1600m on three sides, you can watch the sunrise only 30 minutes after day breaks. If you live in Tiantou Village, get up early and you can watch sunrise at any place. If you do not want to get out, you can see sunset within hotels. Except for Xishan Shaoyue, you can watch sunset in Seven Stars Accompanying the Moon, Thousand-Layer Rice Terraces and Golden Buddha Summit.

What is fun here except for watching rice terraces?

Enjoy Xiabu River Waterfall, trek through the virgin forest haunted with baby fish or climb Huping Slope, the third highest mountain in Guangxi. Besides, do not miss the Long Hair Dance of Red Yao women. Bonfire Party, fishing, barbecue, hunting for loaches during night, medicinal Spa, make Tufo, grind rice and plow the field are also very interesting.
What is the main festivals of Red Yao ?
Feature of Four Seasons

May 25 to June 11: during this period, the rice paddies perched with countless green rice seedlings will shimmer like diamonds, which is eye-pleasing and poetic.

Middle July: Carpeted with exuberant rice, Jinkeng Rice Terraces is transformed into a giant green bonsai

Middle Autumn Festival(September): the rice will mature and adopt golden color, you can marvel at this golden pyramid and take amazing photos

Winter: if you are lucky enough, you can catch the occasional snow here.
jinkeng rice terraces
jinkeng rice terraces
jinkeng rice terraces
jinkeng rice terracesjinkeng rice terraces
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