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Changshou Village of Bama, Top 5 Longevity Villages

Situated in Hechi City, northwest are of Guangxi,Bama Yao Autonomous County encompasses 1971km2 and harbors 12 ethnicities including Yao and Zhuang. Blessed with subtropical monsoon climate and typical South China Karst topography, this haven inspires hikers, poets, photographers and those who are obsessed with longevity. A river named Panyang flanked by hills elevated from 600 to 800-m lends much vitality to this post-card perfect site. Within this county, there is plenty to see and experience. Notable sights including Changshou Village of Bama, Baimo Cave, Crystal Palace Cave, Changming River (Longevity River), Hundred Birds Cave, Leye-Fengshan World Geopark and Fengshan Geological National Museum.
changshou village of bama

Changshou Village of Bama(Bapantun Village,巴马长寿村), the centerpiece of Bama Yao Autonomous County, lures tourists for its dwellers who enjoy exceptional longevity. 7 villagers out of 515 are over 100-year-old, which is rare-seen both home and abroad. Recent years see a steady stream of visitors come in to spend summer or winter. The mild weather, superb amazing scenery and slow-paced lifestyle contribute to the longevity of the locals, appeal to travelers like a magnet. In this village, you can unravel the secret of longevity, breathe in fresh air, drink mineral-rich spring, enjoy organic food as well as explore several Karst caves.
changshou village of bama
 Changshou Village of Bama
bama changshou village
7 villagers out of 515 are over 100-year-old, hence it is famed as one of the Top Five Longevity Village on earth

Unravel the Secret of Longevity

Fresh Air
: contrast sharply with metropolis like Beijing infamous for air pollution, Changshou Village of Bama is blessed with extremely fresh air saturated with rich negative oxygen ions. You can carry on the lung therapy here day and night, for free. Karst caves from vicinity such as Crystal Palace Cave, Baimo Cave and Hundred Birds Cave are not only wonderlands but also natural oxygen reservoirs. Many senior citizens will drop by to breathe in fresh air or take a Spa.

Mineral-rich Spring
: according to locals, if you take a bottle of water from Baimo Cave, it will last for one year and is still drinkable. Many young girls use them as toner. Three traits distinguish Changshou Village’s water: first, its PH index is 7.2-8.5; second, it is rich in minerals; third: the particles are very fine and can be absorbed by body easily. Water here can relieve many ailments such as sleepless, diabetes, headache and heart disease. Tea prepared with water here is notable for its aromatic and appetizing taste.

Good sleep + Sunshine (Far-infrared Therapy) due to geomagnetic:
the wonder and miracle above the land lies under the earth. Underlying this village lies a fault zone, which attributes to the longevity of locals directly. Outsiders can feel that they can sleep like a baby here. Locals seldom fall prey to heart attack or skin disease, for the magnetic can filter the harmful UV and preserve the good ones. In Changshou Village of Bama, walk into the sunshine and you can enjoy free far-infrared therapy, around 5 hours per day yearly. Even in hot summer, you won’t get sunburn. Far-infrared sunshine can not only activate water, but also activate our body cells, improve metabolism, enhance immune system and boost blood circulation.

Food: just as the saying goes, you are what you eat. Peek into the menu of these over 100-year-old “immortals”, you will find rice, corns, sweet potatoes and vegetables outweigh meat significantly. Light-flavored dishes with low content of salt, sugar, fat and animal fiber are consumed every day.

Notable Festivals: Panwang Festival (Yao Natinality) Gexu Festival (Zhuang Nationality) Lusheng Festival (Reed-Pipe Dance Festival of Miao Nationality) Firecracker Festival (Dong nationality)
gexu festival
Gexu Festival (Sanyuesan or Song Festival of Zhuang People)
panwang festival
Panwang Festival (Yao Natinality)
lusheng festival
Lusheng Festival (Reed-Pipe Dance Festival of Miao Nationality)
lusheng festival
Lusheng Festival (Reed-Pipe Dance Festival of Miao Nationality)

Scenic Sites around Changshou Village of Bama

Crystal Palace Cave
: located in the outskirt of Bama County, 43km from downtown, it is a 1000-m long, 8 to 50-m wide and 10 to 80-m tall cave. It is famed for amazing limestone formations and extremely fresh air. This 300000-year-old cave is in teenage period. The shapes, density and scale of these stalactites are very striking.
changshou village of bama crystal palacechangshou village of bama crystal palace
 changshou village of bama crystal palace
 changshou village of bama crystal palace

Cifu Lake
: this manmade lake stretches over 4000-m long and 400-m wide.

Panyang River: it is famed as the mother lake of Bama. Water from this river can be drink directly, which is good for health. Locals usually swim in this river naked.

Longtian Stone Forest: though not big as Stone Forest, this site hailinig 22km from Bama worthy of visit if you have plenty of time. It is the cradle of keel flowers, which is the main ingredient of one famous local delicacy named Keel Flower Soup.

Hundred Birds Cave
: formed over 100 million years ago, it derives its name from various birds and animals inhabit here, such as swifts and bats. It is only accessible by boat. This cave is pieced with several holes every 300-m to 500-m, hence, you will experience the dramatic alteration of light and darkness. Half an hour is need to tour it.
changshou village bama
bama changshou village
changshou village bama
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