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Baimo Cave of Bama Changshou Village

It is no exaggeration to say that half of Guangxi’s glamour derives from the enchanting South China Karst landform highlighted by grotesque Karst peaks, crisscrossing rivers and mysterious subterranean caverns, while the other half, from the assorted ethnicities, such as Zhuang, Yao, Miao, Dong and Buyi.
The beauty of South China Karst culminates in Guilin. Li Rive meanders for over 426km, passing numerous Karst hills such as Folded-Brocade Hill and nurtures many caves such as Reed Flute Cave, Seven Star Cave and Yangshuo Lotus Cave. Baimo Cave(百魔洞) hailing from Jiazhuan Township, 30km from Bama Yao Autonomous County is an off-the-beaten-track vibe, appealing to those in search of an unexplored corner of Guangxi. It is the centerpiece of Changshou Village of Bama (巴马长寿村), which is renowned as the cradle of long-lived people. Teemed with crystal-clear rivers, caverns and stalactites, Baimo Cave serves as a fabulous getaway to sample karst landform as well as colorful Yao culture.
baimo cave
Baimo Cave is the centerpiece of Bama Changshou Village (Bama Longevity Village), which is located in Bama Yao Autonomous County. It is place to enjoy Karst landscape and colorful Yao culture.

In 1987, a team of Chinese and British geological experts visited it. Overwhelmed by its sublime beauty, they concluded that it combines the best of all the Karst caves in south China.

Facing south, Baimo Cave rises over 100-m above the ground. Inside of it, an army of stalactites and stalagmites of various shapes and sizes awaits and seduces travelers to come in. What makes Baimo Cave special is the giant hall in the first floor, from where the spectators can marvel at the most spectacular limestone formations with fanciful names. Among them the biggest stalagmite measures 39-m high and has a diameter of 10 meters.

All these caves, big or small, are connected. Baimo Cave leads to Gansui Cave, Liuyang Cave and Wuren Cave. The biggest cave here is an awe-inspiring 1000-m long and up to 100-m high in places. Inside of it, dozens of stalactites at 80-m high and with a diameter of 5m erect magnificently. During rainy days, mists and clouds will transform this wonderland into a gothic world filled with ghostly phantoms.

Sandwiched between South Cave and North Cave hides a barren-shaped open-air cave. Encircled by precipitous cliffs up to 100-m high, there is orange orchard encompassing over 1333m2. Several trails wind up all the way to the summit, from where you can dwarf this huge pit.

Baimo cave consists of three layers. The second and third floor of South Cave are home to the most incredible limestone rocks, which compose spectacles with poetical names such as Royal Palace and Bewitch Land. Strolling around, you can feast eye on these gorgeous stalagmites which can be likened to immortals, bedrooms, boats and animals.

Baimo Cave functions as a giant natural air conditioner. You can seek refuge within its dark enclose to escape the scorching summer heat or the chilly winter wind. During summer, countless springs will converge and form shallow bays or deep pools. Hop in a quaint boat, you can navigate the vast river passage and stop off to explore on foot.
Gallery of Baimo Cave
baimo cave bama changshou village
baimo cave bama changshou village
baimo cave bama changshou village
baimo cave bama changshou villagebaimo cave bama changshou village
baimo cave bama changshou villagebaimo cave bama changshou village
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