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Reed Flute Cave(Lu Di Yan),the Most Popular Karst Cave on Earth

Situated 5km from downtown Guilin(about 4.5 miles), Reed Flute Cave was an underground lake one million years ago, and what we see today is the result of geological movement and evolution during the past millennia. It is named after the reeds that once thrived at its entrance, from which local people made various flutes. Resembling a shinning pearl embedded into the soaring Houshan Mountain and the crystal Peach Blossom River, it has drawn an overwhelming number of 40 million tourists, among which there are 180 national leaders include former American president James Earl Carter and Richard Milhous Nixon as well as Germany’s former president Dr. Richard Freiherr von Weizsäcker. Applauded by tourists from worldwide unanimously, Reed Flute Cave is famed as “the most popular karst cave on earth” and “China’s No.1. Cave for Distinguished Guests”.

Why this cave has enthralled so many people? Let’s unravel its mystery. Follow a 500-meter-long U-shaped path which is damp but even, you will be held spellbound by the stalactites, stalagmites and rock formations of various sizes and shapes. Against the melodious background music and the multicolored lighting system, Reed Flute Cave adopts a mysterious and alluring look and is ready to conquer you, both visually and mentally.
 Crystal Palace of the Dragon King
This experience is so thrilling that someone claims it is the Chinese-version of Journey to the Center of the Earth. Though the spectacle inside is a feast to the eye already, but if you unleash your imagination, you will derive more fun from here. It is said when your imagination is in full swing, you can discern the miniature of almost every worldly object here: animals, flowers, Santa Cause, exotic treasures, cityscapes, slim girls, palace, monsters and waterfalls....Combined with the intriguing folklores and legends, this cave is instilled with life and character. Each striking formation is bestowed with a fancy name such as Crystal Palace, Morning Glow above Lion Hill Summit, Pagoda twined with Dragon, Origin Forest and Flower&Fruit Mountain,etc. Unlike the mighty Qixing Cave, Reed Flute Cave is characterized by its unparalleled delicacy and well lives up to the fame as “The Palace of Natural Art”.
Reed Flute Cave is a fairyland composed of stalactites and stalagmites  

Since Tang dynasty (618-907), it has become a playground of poets, monks and adventurer alike from all over the country, who had bestowed this cave with 77 inscriptions themed with travelogues and poetries. Among them, the earliest one dates back to Tang dynaty(790) and the best preserved one belongs to Ming dynasty.

The ultimate depth, width and height of Reed Flute Cave are 240m, 93m and 18m respectively. 40 minutes are necessary to tour around. Brief it is, you will find it a most memorable and rewarding experience in China. Facilitated with restaurant, tea house, pools, boats, rivers and pools spanned with bridges, Reed Flute Cave is well-equipped. Besides, the interior temperature of this cave is around 19°C all year around, which is not only a blessing to us, but also to the karst formations.

Crystal Palace of the Dragon King

Marking the broadest point of this cave, Crystal Palace of the Dragon King which looks like a miniature Guilin can comfortably hold about 1000 people. Due to its appropriate size, enclosed space, dreamy atmosphere and irregular-shaped stone wall which can bring out the best effect of music, it has become a trendy indoor concert venue. One magical phenomenon here is that no matter where you stand, the music will reach and envelop you with the same clarity, gentleness and strength. Thus, it is quite romantic to indulge in the intoxicating music in this enticing cave, to transcend the trivial everyday life and to free our mind for a moment.

Admission Fee: 95¥(15.2$)

Operation hours: 8:00~17:30
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