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Pagoda Hill

Guilin, the kingdom of Karst peaks around the legendary Lijiang River, is a favorite haunt for both domestic and passport-carrying adventurers. Wave-Subduing Hill, Folded Brocade Hill and Solitary Beauty Peak, three prominent hills which incorporate cultural splendor into natural beauty, serving to beautify the skyline of the sprawling downtown Guilin.
Strolling south, you will find the glamour of this city is extended all the way to its rugged suburbs before culminating at the idyllic Yangshuo. Along the way, Moon Hill stands out as the perfect rock climbing site and Yaoshan sparks as a haven for the Mausoleums of Jingjiang Prices, a lesser-known site which has triggered great interest among historians.

Situated in the east bank of Lijiang River, Pagoda Hill derives its name and charm from Longevity Buddhism Pagoda which was constructed during Ming dynasty. Measuring 13.3m high, this seven-story hexagonal brick pagoda serves as a landmark along Lijiang River. As one of the Top Four Ancient Pagodas in Guilin, it is under good protection by local government. From time to time, the pious local Guilinese will rub shoulders with tourists to do a brief pilgrimage here, praying for longevity, peace and love. Near Longevity Buddhism Pagoda, a steep rock pieces into the sky proudly. Half of Pagoda Hill’s charm lies in its dreamy reflections on Lijiang River, and the other half in its striking silhouette against the sky during twilight or moon light. When autumn sets in, the landscape of Pagoda Hill will be transformed into a fairyland. The red maple trees line its foot will stage an incredible spectacle.

Travel Tips
Location: No.55, Chuanshan Street, Guilin
Admission Fee: 65¥
Opening Hour: 7:30——18:00
Tour hours: around 40 minutes
Scenic sites nearby: Seven Star Park, Chuanshan Hill Park, Lijiang River

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