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Moon Hill, Yangshuo Top Rock Climbing Destination



Situated in Rongjiang County, the intersection of Qiandongdan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture and Qiandongnan Buyi and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Moon Hill is another perfect sightseeing and hiking retreat among the karst fairyland. Thanks to its isolation, the vast virgin forest, diversified biography species, various ethnic groups and ancient relics remain intact.Today, it is the most famous rock climbing destination in Yangshuo.


Moon Hill: Top rock climbing destination in Yangshuo, Guilin

Moon Hill borrows it name from the amazing hole it shelters, which measures 50m by width and depth. Even and flat, the interior wall of this hole is honeycombed with bizarre stalactites and stalagmites. One ancient legend named Chang’e Flying to the Moon is materialized here: two stalactites here bear great similarity to Change’s husband Wugang and her pet the Jade Rabbit. Thus, this arch is famed as the Moon Palace of the beauty Change. Get acquainted with this legend can help you appreciate its cultural beauty except physical charm. A round hill nearby serves as an ideal observe site, from where you can enjoy the magical changes it undergoes from crescent to full moon.


 The famous arch of Moon Hill: myth goes that it is the Moon Palace of the Beauty Change

 This naturally formed moon is accessible by one winding path of over 800 steps. Brief it is, the ascending process is more challenging and fun than you imagine. After reaching the summit, you can gain a panoramic view of the sprawling karst peaks nearby. Largely due to this hole, travelers flock in to talk a romantic “Moon Walk”.


moon-hill-rock-climbing 15
 Rock Climbing in Moon Hill : not for the fainthearted


In the southwest ridge of Moon Hill lies the Sandishui New Stone Age Cultural Relic Site which nestles within Sandishui Primary School, with its exposed section measuring 500 meters wide and 2000 meters long. The layer features triple color and measures one to two meters thick, is named Cultural Relics Layer, which contains quantities of porcelain pieces. By far, one complete pottery jar and vase has been unearthed successfully. On the south ridge of this hill, there is a large ancient city named Baichengzi which was erected one thousand years ago during Northern Song dynasty. This relic encompasses an area of 640,000 square meters and measures 800 meters in width and length.


The most thrilling part of Moon Hill, however, is rock climbing. As the earliest and the most distinctive rock climbing destination in Yangshuo, this hill keeps heating up. Since Todd Skinner opened up the first route, 14 mature climbing routes have been developed. Among them, eight routes cling to the cliff, two are located in both sides of the arch and the remaining four sit in the transitional area where the arch gives way to cliff. Each year, Yangshuo Rock Climbing Festival will kick off. Rick climbers from all over the world will gather in this little place, hosting a sport carnival and indulging in all what Yangshuo can offer.





 Travel Tips

Location: 8km from downtown Yangshuo

Opening Hours: 8:00am to 17:30pm

Advised Tour hour: 2 hours

Admission Fee: 15¥(for rock climbers, it can be even cheaper)

Best Travel Season: Autumn (spring is the rainy season and summer is hot, but if you want to experience bamboo rafting, summer will be a favorable season)

How to get in: Each 15 minutes, there is a bus hearding from Guilin to Yangshuo(65km) From downtown Yangshuo to Moon Hill(8km), take a motorcycle or taxi

Get around: Ten-li Gallery, Big Banyan Tree, Dragon Pool, Butterfly Spring, Jianshan Temple, Flame Hill

Accommodation: downtown Yangshuo

Nightlife: visit bars and cafes in West Street

What is fun: cycling, hiking, rock climbing, take photos

Yangshuo Bike renting fees: from 10¥ to 40¥ per day



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 Vedio: A Walk to the "Moon"

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