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Longsheng Rice Terraces

Situated 77km from Guilin, Longsheng Rice Terraces(龙脊梯田) is famous for its striking landscape and the primitive lifestyle of  Miao,  Zhuang  and  Yao people. As an artwork and by-product of labor, Longsheng Rice Terraces is shaped by local farmers’ work during the past 650 years. From the fertile river valley to the soaring mountain peaks, from the exuberant forest to the stone cliffs, every inch of soil is used for cultivation. In an area of 71.6km2, 15862 patches of rice fields whirl upward all the way from an altitude of 380m to 1180m. The undulating landscape with the most winding and flowing curves resembles a giant abstract painting. Among the eye-dazzling rice fields, the biggest one is 413m2, while the smallest one will just allow you to put a foot into it. Beholding this nature spectacle, everyone will gaze at it with bewildering admiration at first, and then they will sink into deep thought and feel overwhelmed by the magnificence of nature, as well as the extraordinary endeavor created by man.

The alternation of seasons and the changing of weather just accentuate and enrich its glamour. When Spring comes, the newly-plowed paddies covered with water will shimmer under the warm and bright sunshine. Take a birds-eye view, you will find them look like silver snakes clinging to the hills tightly; When the last gap of the rice fields is filled with green, summer has reigned. The Longsheng Rice Terraces will breathe full of vitality at this period. In daytime, flocks of various birds include egrets—the poets of countryside, will fly by gracefully. During night, you can hear the fabulous chorus of insects and frogs. Standing at the bottom of rice terrace and look upward, you can see the breeze-stirred paddies bow and dance incessantly like waves, and the green cascade seems will pour down and submerge you. In Autumn, the hill covered with fruitful paddies will look like the a golden pyramid, and when winter falls, the barren land covered with snow will fall into a long and sweet dream, waiting spring to wake them up.
Longsheng Rice Terrace
Grain in Ear(June 6, lunar calendar) and Mid-Autumn Festival will witness Longsheng Rice Terraces’ beauty reaches to its ultimate. On the Grain in Ear day, you can see the poetic scene composed of green rice seedlings, beautiful girls in colorful clothes, glistening paddies, quiet buffalos and villages enveloped with mist. While in Mid-Autumn’s day, the rice field is a golden world.

Longsheng Rice Terraces looks especially aerial and enchanting in drizzle days, a mysterious fairyland it is.
The mist will play hide-and-seek with villages, hills and paddies. Strolling along the narrow paths, you are integrating into a natural traditional Chinese landscape painting, in which every element is a symbol bestowed with spirit. Softened by the milky flowing mist, the silhouette of Longsheng Rice Terraces will adopt a dreamy character. You will have an illusion that the villages nestle at the valleys are dwelling place of immortals.

Longsheng Rice Terraces comprises of two sections: Pingan Zhuang Minority Rice Terraces  and Jinkeng Yao Minority Rice Terraces, which are mainly inhabited by Zhuang Minority and Red Yao Minority respectively. Mainly inhabited by Zhuang Minority whose ancestors were fisherman of Shangdong province, Drgaon Ridge (Long Ji) boasts the best-preserved architectures and customs of Zhuang Minority. To memorize and honor the sea which they miss so much, Zhuang people still decorate their headgears with blue and white ribbons. Their unique residences, colorful attires, customs and Longji Bronze Drum Dance have blended into this magical land, creating a lyrical folklore picture.
Ethnic Villages in Longsheng Rice Terraces

Travel tips

Admission: 80RMB

Operation Hour: all day long

Location: Longsheng County, 77km from downtown Guilin, Guangxi Province

The best photograph site: Pingan Village’s Seven Stars around the Moon(平安七星伴月) and Dazhai Village’s Xishan Shaoyue Scenic Site(大寨西山韶乐)

Weather here is caprice, thus you have better bring raincoat and coat

Best Travel Season: The 15 days after April 15(lunar calendar) and the half month after Mid-Autumn’ Day(August 15, Lunar Calendar). The hottest and coldest month is July and January respectively.
Bronze Drum Dance(铜鼓舞)
Zhuang People' Bronze Drum Dance(铜鼓舞)

Highlight of different periods

March: the cole flowers will be in full blossom

Middle of April to Late June: farmers will instill water into paddies and plant the rice seedlings. The paddies will sparkle and mirror the blue sky.

July to middle September: Covered with lush rice, Longji Rice Terraces is a green ocean

Late September to early November: rice will turn mature during this period and Longji Rice Terraces is a golden world

Middle of December to early February: Longji Rice Terraces is covered with snow

When hike along the Longji Rice Terraces, you can ask local people to carry the luggage for you, it will cost only 10RMB to 20RMB within 2 hours
Local Specialties: Thanks to its mild and humid weather as well as top ecological environment, this area produces four most famous specialties: Longji Rice Wine, Longji Pepper, Longji Lotus Root and Longji Tea.
RiceRed Chili
Longji TeaLongji Rice Wine



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