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Lijiang River, the Symphony of Karst Peaks

Originated from Mao’er Mountain, Lijiang River meanders its way 160km long in southwest China’s Guangxi province distinguished by well-developed and rare-seen karst topography, the biggest and the most representative one in the world, which is of extremely high and irreplaceable aesthetic value.
Many Art Scholars put that the grotesque and pointed tower-shaped peaks often seen in traditional Chinese painting, had derived inspiration from the irresistibly charming peaks here. The minute you set foot on this land by luxurious cuisine or bamboo raft, Lijiang River will unfolds its legendary beauty to you gradually. It resembles a charming lady, whose alluring beauty varies with seasons, weather conditions and different period of one day.
In this natural gallery composed of captive peaks, fascinating rocks, lush forest, inviting caves and serene villages, you can feast eye on the most remarkable landscape which is bestowed with a magical power to please, soothe, inspire and enrich our mind. Plunging into this hidden wonderland, you will experience the most fabulous feeling when reconnect with Mother Nature again. From time immemorial, Lijiang River stands there silently and gracefully, bearing an air of mysterious. It is a spectacular landscape painting, a beautiful poetry, a magnificent symphony of Karst peaks and a book with forever-changing content.
 Lijiang River: the symphony of Karst peaks and crystal water, where karst topography finds the fullest expression and the glory of Guilin starts
 With Liudong River(六峒河) as its main upstream, Lijiang River, a tributary of Zhujiang River(珠江), refers to the 83-kilometer-long watercourse from Guilin to Yangshuo. Clusters of scenic sites scatter along this segment, turning it into one of the most picturesque river in the world. 
Lijiang River Comprises of Three Sections
(1)Guilin to Huangniu Valley(Cattle Valley)
Lijiang River slows her steps in downtown Guilin and its suburb. Quantities of mountains include Elephant Truck Hill, Wave-Subduing Hill, Folded Brocade Hill and Pagoda Hill dash from the ground abruptly and separately like bamboo shoots, forming a forest of peaks in the plain area. Here, the prelude of Lijiang’s symphony starts. The 60-meter-high Solitary Beauty Peak in downtown Guilin, is a striving landmark, and the “Grotesque Peak Clusters” in the suburb of Guilin, is quite impressive. Fighting Rooster Hill, Grotesque Peak Clusters, Daxu Ancient Town and Mill Mountain are shining pearls embedded into this section, which features the perfect blend of natural scenery and folklore culture.
Grotesque Peak Clusters(奇峰林立) in suburb Guilin

(2)Huangniu Valley to Xingping Village
Passing Daxu Ancient Town in Lingchuan County, Lijiang anchors her way in a south-north direction. Many tourists embark on their journey from Zhujiang Village Wharf(竹江村码头) or Mill Mountain Wharf on the west bank. From Biyange(碧崖阁), Lijiang River enters the long and winding Huangniu Valley flanked by undulating and steep peaks. On the west side of this valley sits an over 2000-meter-long cliff formed by water erosion, the Battle Hill. The co-existence of shoals and deep pools makes the landscape more inviting.
From Zhujiang(竹江) to Xingping Village, the symphony of Lijiang River reaches its climax. Peaks with relative height of over 200 meters are in full blossom out from a mother mountain. They are so densely distributed that there are 10 stone peaks per km2. In this segment you can see the spectacular scenic sites include Wangfu rock, One-side Ferry, Wave Stone Village, Eight Super Naturals Crossing the River and Nine Horses Fresco Hill.
Huangniu Valley(Cattle Valley)

(3)Xingping to Yangshuo
This section differs dramatically from the valley area. The symphony of Lijiang River is replaced by the pastoral lyrical song. Peaks are reduced to hills with gentle slopes of 20 to 30 degrees which cling to the land cozily. River valley becomes more spacious. Numerous fishing villages hidden among the lush bamboo forest are dominated by tranquility, flocks of pastures are roaming along the lush grasslands and birds fly by the fertile paddies.
Xingping Village
Highlights of  Lijiang River
Elephant Truck Hill(象鼻山):Situated at the joining point where Peach Blossom River greets Lijiang River, Elephant Truck Hill is a limestone hill formed over 360million years ago. It has become the most representative symbol of Guilin landscape. With an altitude of 200m, the 55-meter high Elephant Truck Hill measures 108m in length and 100m in width.
Elephant Truck Hill

Cameral Hill(骆驼山): there are three Cameral Hills along Lijiang River. One is in Yangshuo city, the other two are in Guilin. The one in Guilin downtown’s Qixing Park is most famous, which houses the tomb of a famous knight named Lei Jiuren, who was good at poetry and medicine and was addictive to alcohol. He planted numerous peach trees along this hill which will come into full blossom during Spring. Cameral Hill during twilight is especially beautiful. The burning clouds will tint the rocks with pink and orange, which is very spectacular. Over 2000 bonsai artworks are displayed at its south area. In 1998, President Clinton participated in an environment protection meeting organized by non-goverment organization and delivered a speech on environment protection in front of Gameral Hill’s lawn.

 Cameral Hill
Towns & Villages along Lijiang River: Daxu Ancient Town     Xingping Ancient Town
Travel Tips of Lijiang River
Admission Fee : 210RMB during peak season, 190RMB during bleak season
Opening hour: 7:00-18:30
Advised tour hour: 2 hours
Location: Mao’er Mountain, Xiangan County, Guilin, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Prefecture
Best Travel Season: April to October (try to avoid the May Holiday(May 1 to 3) and National Holiday( Oct 1 -7)
Accommodation: there is a wide variety of choices regarding hotels. Home hotel, Modern Art Hotel or Business Hotel of all levels are provided here.
Local Specialties & Cuisine: Lijiang shrimps, fish, crab, river snail, Fermented bean curd, grapefruit, Sanhua Wine,ect

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