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Guangzhou traditionally called Canton is one of three top metropolises in mainland China. The authorities usually mention it with Beijing and Shanghai together. As the south China’s most important center and also one of the most developed cities, Guangzhou is the must-see tourist destination in the schedule of China tour. Guangzhou is absolutely different from Beijing and Shanghai. Beijing is famous for traditional culture of China. Shanghai is famous for modern culture of China, and Guangzhou is the mixture of both. In Downtown Guangzhou, the traditional buildings, time-honored sites harmoniously coexist with modern high-rising buildings. The local food, customs, folk festivals and lifestyles are also different from other regions. Today, the customs and lifestyles of Chinese people living overseas are mostly from Guangzhou. Guangzhou tours are the best option to explore Guangzhou. Guangzhou private tours, Guangzhou tour packages, Guangzhou budget tours and so on can meet your needs. All of them are easily available in Absolute China Tours. More information service of Guangzhou - Guangzhou Travel Guide
A visit to Foshan
A visit to Foshan
From US$ 135 p/p
Foshan Ancestral Temple, Ancient Nanfeng Kiln...
Best of Guangzhou
Best of Guangzhou
From US$ 128 p/p
Ancestral Temple of Chen Family, Temple of the Six Banyan Trees,...
Mysterious Guangzhou in One Day
Mysterious Guangzhou in One Day
From US$ 55 p/p
Baiyun Mountain, Zhenhai Lou, Huangpu Military Academy, Shangxiajiu Pedestrain Street...

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